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For those in search of the ultimate Malta Wedding Videographer who can artistically document every precious memory from their special occasion, we have you covered. With years of expertise behind us, our skilled professionals are equipped with the latest equipment and techniques to ensure that your cherished moments are beautifully captured on film. Trust us to create an exquisite wedding video unlike any other.


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An essential aspect of producing an exceptional wedding video demands that the videographer captures what truly makes a celebration enchanting. With our training, our team pays close attention to all of these intricate features - from decorations and bouquet arrangements through to guests interaction and overall mood. Moreover, since every couple has their own distinct approach towards weddings, our experts focus upon crafting a video which reflects each person's originality.



We are a full-service wedding videography business with our headquarters in London, United Kingdom, but we travel all over the globe, including to Malta. We produce wedding videos in the documentary and cinematic styles. Our method of filming is journalistic; it's discreet, and it focuses on catching each significant moment as it takes place. The most unique wedding videographer Malta has to offer.

Mooncast Films is a well-known and respected wedding videographer all around the world. We personalise our videography packages to fit your particular evening. Our videography goes beyond just filming the day; it is instead influenced by the best filmmakers of the last fifty years, and it results in a final product that is comprised of beautifully crafted moving pictures of the most significant events of your life. We hold the belief that the memories we have are among our most valuable assets. We cover a number of the most popular wedding locations in Malta, including but not limited to Villa Bologna, The Olive Gardens, Palazzo Parisio, The Westin Dragonara Resort, Radisson Blu Golden Sands Resort and many others in Malta.

Wedding Videographer In Malta


Unique Wedding Videographer Malta. Each of our couples special day is captured in a unique and cinematic way. The sights and sounds of the day are captured on film in our videos, which distinguish them from music videos. Whether it be via the bride and groom's vows from the ceremony or snippets from the toasts, we want our couples to hear what their family and friends, as well as their spouse, said to them on their wedding day.

You can trust that I will capture every special moment and raw emotion of your wedding day on film. And my absolute favourite thing is making sure that happy, carefree newlyweds have a blast on their wedding day. For the last four years and counting, I've had the privilege of sharing the tales of some of the most amazing couples in Malta, Lake Como, Amalfi Coast, Mallorca, France, Tuscany & around the globe. Book now Malta Wedding Videographer

Have camera; hence, willing to go. It's one of the most significant bonuses of working here. I've had the honour of shooting couples from the United Kingdom (in addition to couples from many other countries) at many of the most popular wedding locations in London, Europe, and the rest of the globe. Mooncast Films has a crew that is very enthusiastic about what they do, devoted to their job, and experienced; they LOVE working with engaged and married couples!

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Experience is a vital factor to consider when selecting a wedding videographer. With years of experience in capturing weddings in Malta, our team possesses an impressive portfolio of breathtaking videos that attest to our credibility. We are well-versed with the region's peculiarities, such as Malta's dazzling Mediterranean sunlight, crowded streets and space limitations during shoots. Our adeptness allows us to surmount these obstacles with ease while producing top-notch videos that are both aesthetic and authentic.

Our level of expertise when it comes to capturing special events on video has earned us a loyal following amongst those looking for nothing but excellence in this domain. Our high standards extend across all aspects: every tiny detail receives thorough scrutiny before being given approval; our customer relationships exemplify professionalism at all times; plus, most importantly, the final product showcases an authentic representation not only of a singular event but who was present as well. In fact, it's these factors combined that lead so many from past projects to enthusiastically share positive reviews about working with us within their own circles.

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I may work alone or with the small Mooncast team of skilled destination wedding videographers, depending on the scope of your event and the package you choose. Each member of the Mooncast crew records day-to-day occurrences in a casual, unobtrusive way. Find out more about our cinematic, visually spectacular destination wedding videos. We are a creative wedding videography firm that travels all over the globe to film and shoot couples' destination weddings. We capture all the joy and tears of your wedding day so you may look back on it with fond memories.

In Malta, if you seek the cream of the crop wedding videographer for your special day, our company is unquestionably the best. Over many years we have honed our skills to produce expertly edited wedding videos by utilising cutting-edge technology advanced beyond any of competitors in this region. We are absolutely committed to fulfilling your demands and ensuring an outcome that will not disappoint.

The honour of immortalizing precious moments shared by couples during their wedding celebrations is bestowed upon us as wedding videographers. Our work takes us all around various wedding venues within the UK - from the serene rural areas in Surrey to fast-paced metropolitan areas located in Kent and Hampshire. Hugging pristine coastlines are also included among several settings where we've covered weddings, such as those idyllic spots found throughout spectacular Sussex. Compelled purely by love for capturing beautiful memories on film, we are committed to travelling great lengths just so that each newlywed pair can relive their special day through our awe-inspiring videos.

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