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The Best UK Wedding Videographer

We offer wedding videography services all over the UK including London, Essex, Suffolk, Surrey, Kent, Hampshire, Norfolk, Sussex and abroad. We are considered to be one of the best wedding videographers in the United Kingdom. Couples from all over the world fell in love with our work, and we have been privileged to capture weddings in New York, Amalfi Coast, Lake Como, Provence, Bordeaux, Mallorca, and the whole of the United Kingdom.

If you're planning a wedding in the near future, it's important to choose the right UK wedding videographer to capture all of the memories from your big day. As one of the best wedding videographers in the UK, we promise to capture your day perfectly. Our team has years of experience shooting weddings and knows how to capture all of the excitement and emotion of your wedding day. We'll work with you to make sure we get all of the shots you want, and our final product will be a beautiful keepsake that you'll cherish forever. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

UK Wedding Videographer

HIRING MOONCAST FILMS was the best decision I made within the whole wedding planning process

I would recommend Mooncast to everyone! I am so glad we invested in a Videographer but you honestly get so much more than just that, the day wouldn’t of been the same without you! Thank you!!!

Kate Moran

Midlands // UK

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It’s important to feel like you chose the right wedding videographer for your Special Day. You can be confident that Mooncast Films will capture the special moments of your day and give you a cinematic wedding film you’ll love forever. At Mooncast Films we believe wedding films should be timeless, emotional and affordable.
We are a wedding videography team based in London. Available Everywhere.
With over 200+ Weddings under the belt we are considered as one of the best cinematic wedding videographers in the UK.

Your wedding day is one of the most momentous days of your life. You are making a commitment to another person that will last for the rest of your life. Of course, you want the memories of that day to last just as long but the truth is that, sadly, memories do fade. What better way then, to keep those memories crystal clear, than to have your big day filmed in super high quality, giving you a memento to treasure for many years to come.

Hi, my name is Tom, and I’m a professional wedding videographer. I am best known for my creative approach to composition and my documentary style of capturing natural moments. I work in an unobtrusive way and use state of the art production and filming techniques, including aerial shots, venue shots and fleeting, touching details to creatively capture all of the excitement, emotions and memories of the day and to deliver a stunning, cinematic style wedding video that replays all of your best moments in a spectacular way.

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How do I choose a wedding videographer for my wedding?

So you know you want a wedding videographer but how do you know if you’ve got the right one? The last thing you want is to get back from your honeymoon, pop on your wedding DVD and see a film you don’t like. Carefully choosing the right wedding filmmaker long before your wedding day will mean you can be sure you’ve got the right one – someone you can trust completely to deliver exactly what you want and then some.

As with all your other wedding suppliers, trust is really important because your wedding day is yours to enjoy so you should be sure your wedding film is in safe hands. Use these top insider tips to ensure you do your research and select a wedding videographer who is a perfect match for your vision.

9 tips to ensure you choose the right wedding videographer.

Follow these 9 tips for peace of mind when choosing your wedding videographer. Stick to these guidelines and you’ll be sure you’ve made the right choice.

1) What to look for in a wedding videographer?

Emotional connection is the thing which draws us to art. When you watch a videographer’s films you want to feel strong emotion and be awed by what’s presented. A filmmaker’s job is to visually retell the story of your day. The style they choose to do that in, is the difference that will draw you to one wedding videographer over another. What moves one person, might not move someone else.  As you conduct your research, you’ll soon learn which filming styles you prefer and which videographer moves you.


2) What to expect from a wedding videographer

You’ll have numerous interactions with your wedding videographer before your wedding day. On the day, they’ll be at your venue long before you to prepare and do some shooting around the venue. Depending on the package you’ve chosen your wedding filmmaker will be present at the various parts of your wedding day.

Your wedding videographer will arrive at each location well before you to prepare and take venue shots. You might have your filmmaker booked up to the first dance or you might have organised for them to stay for longer and capture the partying! Similarly, you might want your filmmaker to shoot you getting ready, it’s up to you.

Don’t be confused to see two cameras in play. Your videographer will have two cameras at work because one is responsible for the safety shots. They’ll also have quite a few microphones for sound quality.

Videographer For Wedding

3) How many wedding videographers will there be?

Unless you’re having a big wedding in a huge wedding venue, you’ll only need one wedding videographer. However, your videographer may choose to bring an assistant with them to help with equipment and logistics (though technology means videographer equipment is more compact than ever)!

It’s important to consider whether you want to hire your wedding videographer and photographer from the same company. You want your finished wedding photos to complement the look and feel of your wedding film.

Choosing your wedding photographer and videographer from the same place means you’ll know your photos and film will complement each other, forming a seamless package. Organisation-wise it’s also much easier to liaise with one company!

Wedding Videographer UK

4) What should be in a wedding videographer contract?

Consider your wedding videography contract your receipt. Your videography should be written record of all agreed. It should include: the agreed cost of your package, details of all included in your package, cancellation terms and conditions, the agreed shooting schedule, number of videographers present, precise details of the finished media you will receive eg. DVD and downloadable content.

5) What sort of wedding videography costs should I expect?

Aim to allocate as much for your wedding videography as your wedding photography. The final fees may work out less but you want to be sure you have the funds to cover the wedding videographer who is right for you rather than leading with restricted costs and ending up with someone who isn’t right. As with all services, wedding videography prices vary greatly but generally most couples will pay between £1500 - £3500 for their wedding film services.

Don’t forget your wedding videographer should have a range of packages for you to choose from with different options for fees. Packages make it easy for you to find the right fit for your budget and get the wedding videography you want. It’s hard not to think too much about costs but try not to start with wedding videography costs at the forefront of your mind so you don’t get swayed by a cheaper offer then regret your decision later.

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6) How to find a wedding videographer?

Although you want to ensure your wedding is unique, don’t disregard asking trusted family and friends for recommendations. You’re not obliged to use the recommendation if the suggested wedding videographer is not your style but it’s really good to be able to see a finished film for yourself and hear what the service was like from a first-person recount.

When you’re researching something important, it’s often the case that your early priorities change as you learn more about the topic. So using a range of sources to search for your videographer is beneficial.

That means you should absolutely go ahead and search socials. The benefit of social media is you can check for consistency over time, get a clear picture of the wedding videographer’s style, watch videos of recent weddings and even DM them a question or two. Remember good wedding videographers will get booked up quickly so start your research early on!

UK Wedding Videography

7) How to build a clear picture of a wedding videographer’s style?

Instagram is one of the best social platforms for viewing wedding videographer profiles and work. As a visual-based platform it’s very easy to get a sense of a videographer’s style and make comparisons from their wall.

Don’t stop at socials though, head on over to the videographer’s websites and look through their portfolios, read through the information they’ve put on their website and check through their blog to get a historical overview of their work and experience. You’ll also get to see their level of professionalism, what their services include, the types of packages they offer and more.

You can also check reviews from places like Google Reviews and Instagram where couples often leave feedback in the comments of the wedding videographer they hired. Check our Google Reviews Here.

UK Wedding Videographer

8) What to consider before choosing your wedding videographer?

The biggest practical consideration to make is whether you gel with the wedding videographer you have in mind. Your videographer will be in amongst your guests all day filming. That means it’s really important the filmmaker you choose will fit comfortably with you, your partner, your family and friends. How will you know? Connection.

There are some people you connect with easily. When you interact with your wedding videographer in the run-up to your wedding, your interactions should feel warm, comfortable and relaxed. Your chosen videographer should make you feel at ease and confident they can execute the job exactly as you envisioned.

These types of connections are evident from early on so if it doesn’t feel right, that videographer’s unlikely to be the right one. Creativity comes from within and is very personal. If you don’t gel, the tone of their wedding video probably won’t be right for you.

Your filmmaker has to “get you” to be able to pick out those details whilst filming that will mean so much wedding to you, your family and friends when you watch the finished film. These are the moments that will make your wedding film so special because they capture the story of your day through emotions.   

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9) Tips for brides for wedding videography success

The biggest tip is to be yourself and try to forget the camera’s there. It’s like most big occasions, during the build-up you’ll be full of nerves but once you’ve exchanged vows, you’ll enjoy the best celebration of your life.

You won’t even remember the wedding videographer is there! Check you have a wedding videographer like me who works discreetly, capturing natural moments and you won’t even see them. You won’t have a video camera fixed on you all day. Just be yourself, enjoy the day and your joy will shine through.

Secondly, when deciding what you want your wedding videographer to shoot, remember they always need to stay one step ahead so they can be at each location well before you.

If you’re having them present during getting ready, remember they’ll need plenty of time to get to the venue before everyone else. Although you want your wedding film to be natural, it is beneficial to think about anything that would look good on film so dress reveals, certain speeches, your first dance, just try to think ahead of stand-out moments and schedule into the videography plan.  

Finding The Right Wedding Videographer

It is so important to find a wedding videographer that you connect with and feel comfortable having around, which is why I always meet couples before the day so we can get to know each other better. This is the best thing about being a wedding videographer and I feel so privileged in meeting new people and being given a window into their lives on their most special day. You can be sure that I take that privilege very seriously indeed.

Wedding Videography
Is Wedding Videography Worth It?

Today, we appreciate the value of films more than ever. Having a good wedding videographer is a key to success.
Photos are beautiful nuggets from moments in time but a wedding film recreates the entire experience exactly as it happened. The looks, sounds, sights, emotions, guests, outfits, the venue all captured on film in full colour.

A complete sensory memory that brings everything vividly back to life again, every time you see it.
How many of us today wish that we had a video of a loved one now gone or a moment since lost in time’s catalogue? Your wedding film is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you don’t want to miss.

Top Tips From An Expert Wedding Videographer

To support you as you make your decision, I have created a quick guide to wedding videography.
My top tips cover everything from why it is worth having a wedding videographer to wedding videography costs, packages, what you can expect a wedding videographer to do and many more. Please note that this guide is based on my personal experience only.

Here’s Your Quick Guide To Wedding Videography

As an experienced wedding videographer for weddings across London, Essex, Surrey,
other parts of the UK and the rest of the world, I know that you have lots of questions about your wedding videography. Your wedding is one of the best days of your life so of course you want to ensure that you hire the best wedding videographer for your Big Day.

How Much Is Wedding Videographer
Why Wedding Videography Is Important?

Every wedding, regardless of size or type is such a tremendous experience it is impossible to take it all in on the day. Without your wedding captured on film there is no way to see or remember it all. Whilst you are involved in the busyness of the day, your wedding videographer will be working hard to record all of the moments, sights and experiences that you didn’t even see.

One of our couples favorite things to do after the honeymoon is to sit down with a glass of something special and enjoy wedding video. Using everything from cinematography to aerial footage, panning shots, outdoor shots, cutaways, gimbal technology and more - with the highest quality video production your wedding video is guaranteed to take your breath away. You’ll be amazed at all the things that happened during the day that you were unaware of.

View stunning wedding videography examples

Best Wedding Videographer
The benefits of booking a wedding videographer and photographer as one package

Some wedding videographers like me are also wedding photographers.
Having a wedding videographer who is also a wedding photographer has so many benefits. Hiring a wedding videography and photography package keeps things simple, easy, more affordable and delivers a better end result. Booking a wedding videography and photography package means there is only one cost to pay, one team to deal with, one team in attendance on the day, one shooting-style and one company responsible for your gorgeous wedding photos and film – definitely the best option

What can I expect a wedding videographer to do on the day?

On the day, I’ll work in a completely unobtrusive manner to capture all of the magical moments from your day, both large and small. Your bespoke wedding film will retell the story of your wedding in the most breathtaking way using state of the art video production and filming techniques. I am a professional filmmaker, so my cinematic wedding photography includes: panoramic aerial footage, outdoor shots, cutaways, venue shots, fleeting touching details and more. My cinematic wedding films are luxurious, high-quality productions.

Wedding Videographers In London

Using documentary reportage filmmaking, I create outstanding cinematic wedding videography that captures all of the excitement, emotions and memories that make a wedding so special.
From aerial shots of the venue from high in the sky to glorious footage of the heightened emotions as you make your way down the aisle, the tears as make your speech and the magical feeling as you share your first dance – I’ll work tirelessly throughout the day to record it all. Depending on the size of your wedding and the package you choose, I may work alone or with the small Mooncast team of expert wedding videographers and photographers.

We work discreetly, in a relaxed manner to capture all of the naturally occurring wonders on camera during the day. From the preparations as you get ready all the way to your first dance, we’ll record it all without any interference in your event as it unfolds. Before the wedding we’ll get to know each other better and discuss the things that are most important for both of you about the day. After your honeymoon you can look forward to receiving hundreds of photos, a wedding highlights film and your full documentary film recreating the entire day in all its splendour.

With the ability to download and share your wedding films and photos as many times as you like, we know how much our couples and their family and friends enjoy receiving these post-honeymoon to relive all the fun and emotions all over again.

Cinematic Wedding Videographer

How much does a wedding videographer cost?

Weddings are incredibly stressful and keeping your budget under control is an on-going struggle for every bride and groom. With your event videography and photography supplied together as one package it is easier to maintain a firm grip on pricing (although you can of course, hire a wedding videographer separately too if you wish). There are all sorts of wedding videography packages and pricing available. As with all the other parts of your wedding, you want to choose the best wedding cinematographer who is right for you as a couple.

You want to book an experienced wedding videographer who is going to produce a wedding film of the highest quality that also works with your budget.I have a range of packages available that will ensure your wedding film is a luxury, bespoke, creative and spectacular cinematic production that surpasses your expectations. A stunning wedding film that far outweighs any costs. You can check our wedding videography prices here.

I’m not just a London Wedding Videographer i also cover East Anglia, South East, Hertfordshire, West Sussex, East Sussex, Kent & Hampshire. Whether you are getting married in London, Essex, Suffolk, the UK or somewhere else in the world, get in touch with me today.

Is Wedding Videography Worth It ?

Today, we appreciate the value of films more than ever. Photos are beautiful nuggets from moments in time but a wedding film recreates the entire experience exactly as it happened. The looks, sounds, sights, emotions, guests, outfits, the venue all captured on film in full colour. A complete sensory memory that brings everything vividly back to life again, every time you see it. How many of us today wish that we had a video of a loved one now gone or a moment since lost in time’s catalogue? Your wedding film is a once in a lifetime opportunity that you don’t want to miss.

Do you really need a videographer at your wedding?

Your wedding is one of the best days of your life so it would be a shame not to have it documented on film.

Do you regret not having a wedding video?

You will regret not having a video of family and friends in years to come. Photographs are lovely but trust me, as the years go by, you will forget how your aunty’s raucous laugh sounded, grandad’s funny voices to make you laugh will fade, your best mate’s embarrassing drunken dancing will be fade from memory but if you can see and more importantly hear people’s voices, it’s priceless and worth every penny you have to scrape together.

How much should you spend on a wedding videographer?

It really depends on your budget. Wedding Videography can cost between £1500 - £3500. As with everything in life, you get what you paid for so premium quality videos will cost more.

Won't it interrupt the day?

In a word, no! In fact quite the opposite is true.
With a traditional photographer everything has to come to a halt to get all those tedious group shots done, which invariably take far longer than anticipated because Little Johnny needs to go to the loo or Great Aunt Mable has wandered off again. On the other hand when your big day is filmed, nothing has to stop. At Mooncast Films our wedding videographers are experts at melting into the background so that neither you nor your guests will even notice that they are there. You can just get on with the important job of having a good time!

I Think I'll feel nervous in front of a camera.

One of the things I'm asked most frequently is, “How should I act when I'm being filmed?” Of course the simple straightforward answer is: you shouldn't act in any way other than to be yourself. Just relax, ignore the camera and everything will be fine – this is real life, not Hollywood! To be honest, most people are so carried away with the event and the emotion of the day they completely forget that the camera is even there!

I'm not sure I can afford a wedding videographer.

With the average costs of weddings in the UK currently topping an eye-watering £30,000 many people worry about the additional cost of a wedding videographer. Worry not! Whether you are having a register office wedding with a few friends and a pub reception or a church or civil ceremony and a big reception with hundreds of guests or anything in between, Mooncast Films has a package designed just for you! So, if you are searching for a wedding videographer, check out our portfolio page and our Google reviews and we are sure you will agree that your search is over!