Why Wedding Videographer is the Best Investment You'll Make!

23 July 2023 by Mooncast Films


Dear future brides! As a dedicated professional within the realm of wedding videography I am profoundly grateful for having witnessed countless awe-inspiring love narratives. Allow me to enlighten you today on why allocating resources towards this artistic endeavor will prove to be one of the wisest decisions you shall make for your extraordinary day.

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The Value of a Wedding Videographer

A wedding videographer serves a greater purpose than simply documenting your wedding; they possess the ability to capture the true spirit and significance of your significant day. Whether it is the heartfelt laughter and tears witnessed during the ceremony or the sheer delight and enthusiasm witnessed on the dance floor. A wedding videographer skillfully captures every precious moment. There was this one particular wedding I recall, where the groom surprised his bride with a melodious song. The expression on her face was simply invaluable and I had the privilege of immortalizing that cherished moment for eternity.


The Ability to Time Travel

Wedding videography has a remarkable quality that allows one to embark on a journey through time. When you view your wedding video the ability to relive that extraordinary day becomes tangible. Numerous couples have conveyed to me their immense joy in watching their wedding footage describing it as akin to being transported back in time to one of the happiest moments of their lives.

Seeing What You Might Have Missed

When it's your big day the whirlwind of emotions may cause you to overlook certain aspects. Fortunately. A wedding videographer is there to lend a helping hand. Their role entails capturing those precious moments that may slip through the cracks, such as your parents shedding tears during the ceremony or your friends sharing laughter at the reception.

The Creativity of a Wedding Videographer

As a wedding videographer, I love getting creative with the footage I capture. From unique angles to beautiful montages, I strive to make each wedding video a work of art. One of my favorite creative moments was when I used a drone on French Riviera to capture a couple's first dance. The aerial view added a unique perspective that the couple loved.

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The Long-Term Value of a Wedding Video

Investing in a wedding videographer is an excellent decision that you will certainly not regret. Your wedding video will serve as a treasured keepsake. Allowing you to share beautiful memories with your loved ones and future generations. It truly is a timeless memento that you will hold dear for the entirety of your life.


To summarize a wedding videographer goes beyond being a mere vendor; they hold the role of a storyteller who can beautifully portray your love story like no other. Therefore. When arranging your wedding. Remember that investing in a wedding videographer means investing in cherished memories that will endure throughout your life. Let's raise a toast to love, laughter, and forever happiness!

Wedding Videographer

Wedding Videography

Mooncast Films is where unforgettable love stories come to life in cinematic wedding films designed to stand the test of time! Our mission is simple: create timeless videos that allow couples to relive their special day for years and even decades later!

We're excited about blending modern techniques like elegant luxury, storytelling, cinematic beauty and documentary styles to create films that perfectly capture the essence of everything unique about your love story. You'll feel like stars in a movie as we take every opportunity to showcase the magic and romance shared between you and your partner on your wedding day.

Our talented team consists of two gentlemen and one lady who are passionate about preserving genuine emotions during weddings without being intrusive so couples can fully enjoy every moment! At Mooncast Films our discreet approach ensures that we "Capture Your Wedding Naturally" while still getting all the essential shots necessary for a completely unforgettable video! As experienced professionals who have documented hundreds of weddings across various locations globally our team at Mooncast Films knows precisely how to reflect the essence of love in our videos without missing any details.

Whether its an intimate countryside ceremony or a luxurious destination event abroad - we've seen it all! With us by your side on this journey you can trust us not only to bring out the best visuals but also keep things light hearted while maintaining professionalism throughout.


Unobtrusive Filming - Experience Your Wedding Day Without Interruptions




Main Cinematographer

Second Videographer

Owner / Main Videographer

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Best Wedding Videographer

We aren't just any team of videographers - we're more like a wacky family who happen to have some serious skills when it comes to filming weddings. Our approach is centred around creating films that seamlessly integrate humour, raw emotion and those precious candid moments that everyone loves so much. Our style merges cinematic storytelling with casual footage so that you receive an unforgettable end product - nothing short of sublime! If you want a team that knows how to make you laugh out loud one minute then shed tears the next (and perhaps even break into dance!) then look no further than Mooncast Films.

What makes us stand out? We bring unmatched humour and professionalism to every shoot - something sure to put any client at ease. When it comes down to it though what really sets us apart is our ability to capture those unforgettable moments without being intrusive or distracting. Whether its joyful tears or unexpected dance moves rest assured we'll preserve all those special moments forever on film! To avoid disappointment on your big day: choose Mooncast Films.

Welcome! Here at Mooncast Films we are a group of eccentric yet dedicated wedding videographers who want nothing more than to capture your special day in an extraordinary way. My name is Tom and I am responsible for all things technical while Oliver takes care of post production magic - together with Paula's heart warming touch we create wedding films like no other!

Our Core Values


Videographer For Wedding


The consistent delivery of products or services that not only meet but also surpass customer expectations is crucial for our business endeavor.



Acting with honesty, transparency, and ethical principles in all business dealings



A wedding day is a day filled with emotions, and at our company, we acknowledge that emotional significance. For us, the connection between the couple, their family members, and friends is essential. Our videos beautifully capture these emotions and connections creating a lasting memory of joy and love.

Get Ready to Be Amazed: Our Wedding Videography Will Leave You and Your Guests in Awe!

How To Book A Wedding Videographer ?

Wedding Video


To see if you like our style

Employing a cinematic approach, wedding videography encompasses the semblance and mood of a movie. The style is characterized by innovative camera angles, intense lighting, leisurely-paced shots, and evocative music. Essentially, it endeavors to narrate the couple's nuptial event in an aesthetically pleasing and mesmerizing manner.

Wedding Films

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Visit our contact page and fill in the details

If you want to reach out to us, proceed by visiting our website's "Contact Us" page which displays a form for inputting essential information like your full name and Email address. After submitting this form alongside any relevant messages or notes, wait for confirmation from one of our representatives who will shoot over information regarding pricing options shortly afterward.


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Let us know if you're ready to book

If you think we’re a good fit and would like to proceed, please complete our booking form. Once this has been done, We will send you an invoice for the deposit. We require a 30% deposit and a completed booking form to secure the date.



Can I choose the music for my wedding film?
How far in advance should I book my wedding videographer?

Absolutely! We encourage you to provide a list of songs that are meaningful to you and your partner, and we'll incorporate them into your film.

It's best to book your videographer as soon as you have a confirmed wedding date, as our calendar fills up quickly.

Do you offer any additional services or add-ons?
How long will it take to receive my finished wedding film?

Yes, we offer a range of additional services, including drone footage, live streaming, and extra copies of your film.

Our standard turnaround time is 8-12 weeks, but we also offer expedited options if you need your film sooner.


Offering a superior level of expertise in wedding videography services across the United Kingdom and beyond is something that sets us apart. Couples worldwide have expressed their admiration for our exceptional work which has led us to capture magical moments at weddings ranging from intimate gatherings to celebrations taking place at exotic locations including French Riviera, Amalfi Coast, Bordeaux, Lake Como, Mallorca alongside several parts of the United Kingdom such as Essex, Hampshire, Kent, London, Norfolk, Suffolk and Surrey. If you're getting married soon and seeking a suitable UK wedding videographer, selecting the right one is imperative.

As an acclaimed top tier wedding videographer in the country, our solemn promise is to capture every special moment from your big day, effortlessly transmitting all the emotions onto film. With 7 years of unparalleled wedding videography experience, our specialized team holds unmatchable skill in capturing joy and passion of every moment during your wedding.

A timeless memories treasure - that's what your wedding video would be! Mooncast Films cordially invites you to entrust us with capturing the irreplaceable memories from your big day. Crafting wedding films that are simultaneously heartfelt and enduring is our trademark passion here at Mooncast. Our objective is to create authentic pieces that stand the test of time while maintaining an affordable pricing scheme. As one of the UK-based leading teams in cinematic wedding videography today, we have proudly covered over two hundred love stories worldwide! Falling in love and marrying that special someone is a significant experience that marks an incredible turning point in one's journey through life.

Unfortunately, however memorable these occasions might be, they will inevitably fade with time. The perfect solution? Take advantage of modern technology and record each cherished moment using high-definition film - this investment allows you to build up a collection of tangible memories that will last far beyond the wedding day itself.



Personalized and Authentic Films

Wedding videos that are unique to your personalities and captures the real moments of the day, with less focus on staged poses and choreographed shots

Cinematic Masterpiece: Capturing Every Moment of Your Luxurious Wedding

BooK us



Wedding Videographer



So you are aware you need a wedding videographer, but how can you tell whether you have chosen the best one? The last thing you want after returning from your honeymoon is to watch your wedding film that you are not happy with. The appropriate wedding videographer will be carefully chosen far in advance of your wedding day ensuring that you have someone you can entirely trust to produce everything you imagined and more. Remember all the good ones are booked up quickly so don't leave it till last minute!

Because your wedding day is yours to enjoy, you should ensure your wedding film is in best hands possible. This goes for all of your wedding vendors as well. Make sure you do your research and choose a wedding videographer who is the ideal fit for your vision by using these top tips.

Table of content :


For peace of mind when selecting your wedding videographer, remember these 9 tips. If you follow these recommendations, you can be certain that you've chosen the best wedding filmmaker for you.


We are drawn to art because of our emotional connections to it. You want to experience great emotion and truly appreciate what you see when you watch a videographer's work. It's a videographer's responsibility to visually recreate your day's events. You will be drawn to one professional over another based on the approach to how they capture those events. What inspires one individual may not motivate another. You'll quickly figure out which filming techniques you like best and which cinematographer inspires you as you do your research.


Before your wedding, be sure to communicate with your supplier. They will arrive at your wedding venue early on the day of the event to set up and take some venue shots to set the scene of your wedding. Your videographer will be there for various parts of your wedding day depending on the package you've chosen.

In order to set up and take venue shots, he/she will arrive at each site well before you do. Your videographer may be scheduled through the first dance, or you may have made arrangements for them to stay longer and record you and your guests dancing the night away. Similar to that, it's entirely up to you if you want your cameraman to capture you getting ready.

Do not be confused by the presence of two cameras. Two cameras will be used by your cinematographer because one is used for safety shots. Additionally, they will use discreet microphones to capture the sound during the ceremony or speeches.


We offer packages with one or two wedding videographers. I always recommend to my couples to hire two videographers. That way we will be able to capture both bride and groom getting ready, also when one videographer will go out for a couple shoot, the other will be at the venue filming your guests enjoying their drinks. Ultimately you will get more footage making your wedding film more interesting.

You should think carefully about whether you want to employ your wedding photographer and videographer from the same company. Your wedding photos should match the style and mood of the wedding movie.

When you hire a wedding photographer and videographer that complement each other, you can be sure that your wedding films and photos will work well together. Also, it's much easier to communicate with one company than separately with the videographer and the photographer!



Client's favourite bundle









- most popular

1 Videographer*

Up to 10 hours of coverage**

4 minutes cinematic highlights film

1 minute Instagram reel

Full video of your ceremony

Full video of your speeches

Drone Footage***

2 Videographers*

Up to 12 hours of coverage**

20 minutes feature film

5 minutes cinematic highlights

Full video of your ceremony & speeches

Drone Footage***

1 Videographer*

Up to 10 hours of coverage**

15 minutes feature film

3 minutes cinematic highlights

Full video of your ceremony

1 Videographer*

Up to 10 hours of coverage**

4 minutes cinematic highlights





*Due to logistics this package is designed to cover only 1 partner getting ready.

**Coverage is usually from morning preps until 1st dance.

*** Subject to weather & location.

*With this package we can cover 2 partners getting ready in different locations.

**Coverage is usually from morning preps until the evening.

*** Subject to weather & location.

*Due to logistics this package is designed to cover only 1 partner getting ready.

**Coverage is usually from morning preps until 1st dance.

*Due to logistics this package is designed to cover only 1 partner getting ready.

**Coverage is usually from morning preps until 1st dance.


Consider your contract for wedding videography as a receipt. Included in the contract should be the agreed price of your package, deposit information, cancellation terms and conditions, previously agreed shooting schedule, the number of videographers filming your wedding, and specifics about the finished products you will receive, such as DVDs and downloadable content.


Spend as much on your wedding videography as you would on your wedding photography. The ultimate prices might be lower, but you want to make sure you have the money to choose the supplier who is the best for your needs rather than starting with a limited budget and hiring the wrong person. The cost of wedding videography varies widely, as it does with other services, but on average, most couples spend between £1500 and £3500 on their wedding films.

Remember that you should be able to choose from a variety of packages from your wedding videographer. Packages make the choice easier as you know exactly what you are getting. At Mooncast Films, we offer 4 already build packages and a number of ala carte options allowing you to create your dream wedding videography package. Even if it's difficult, try not to focus too much on pricing at first. That way, you won't be persuaded by a slightly cheaper offer but in the end, regret your choice.


Your wedding is unique to you, however, you shouldn't overlook ideas or recommendations from family and friends. And seeing the final product and hearing about the videographer from the person you trust is a great way to do research. If the suggested wedding videographer is not your kind, you are not obliged to use their suggestions. But word of mouth is the oldest form of marketing!

When conducting research, it's common for your initial priorities, needs or ideas to shift as you gain more knowledge about the subject. Therefore, it is advantageous to use a variety of resources to find the best wedding videographer for you.

Therefore, you must without a doubt search social media. Social media has the advantage of allowing you to check for consistency over time, get a good idea of the wedding videographer's style, see footage of recent weddings, and even direct message them with a few questions. Keep in mind that popular wedding videographers tend to fill up quickly, so get started with your search right away! And don't hesitate to check out our instagram page!


One of the best social media sites for checking out the profiles and work of wedding videographers is Instagram. It's incredibly simple to check videographer's style and view the latest weddings or venues they have filmed and finished wedding highlights.

But don't stop there; visit the videographers' websites to review their portfolios, read the content they've posted there, and read their blogs to understand their experience throughout the years. Additionally, you will be able to judge their professionalism, the services or types of packages they offer, and many more.

You may also read reviews on sites like Instagram and Google Reviews, where customers frequently provide input on the wedding videographers they hired. Click on the bottom below to read Google reviews from our lovely couples.


The biggest practical consideration to make is whether you gel with the wedding videographer you have in mind. Your videographer will be amongst your guests all day filming. That means it’s really important the filmmaker you choose will fit comfortably with you, your partner, your family and friends. How will you know? Connection.

There are some people you connect with easily. When you interact with your wedding videographer in the run-up to your wedding, your interactions should feel warm, comfortable and relaxed. Your chosen videographer should make you feel at ease and confident they can execute the job exactly as you envisioned.

These types of connections are evident from early on so if it doesn’t feel right, that videographer’s unlikely to be the right one. Creativity comes from within and is very personal. If you don’t gel, the tone of their wedding video probably won’t be right for you.  


The biggest tip is to be yourself and try to forget the camera’s there. It’s like most big occasions, during the build-up you’ll be full of nerves but once you’ve exchanged vows, you’ll enjoy the best celebration of your life.

You won't even notice the wedding videographer is there! It's important to choose a professional like me who works discreetly, capturing natural moments without being intrusive. Rest assured, you won't have a video camera trained on you all day. Just be yourself, enjoy the day, and your joy will naturally shine through in the video.

Secondly, when deciding what you want your wedding videographer to shoot, remember they always need to stay one step ahead so they can be at each location well before you.

If you plan to have the videographer present during the preparation phase, remember to allocate ample time for them to arrive at the venue before everyone else. While you want your wedding film to capture natural moments, it's beneficial to consider specific events that would look good on film. These could include the reveal of the dress, certain speeches, and your first dance. Try to anticipate these stand-out moments and incorporate them into the videography plan


In conclusion, you want to book an experienced wedding videographer who is going to produce a wedding film of the highest quality that also works with your budget. I have a range of packages available that will ensure your wedding film is a luxury, bespoke, creative and spectacular cinematic production that surpasses your expectations. A stunning wedding film that far outweighs any costs.

Why Wedding Videography Is Important ?


So you are engaged and getting married, exciting times! And now you are going to plan you big day. Weddings can be expensive, and costs do add up quickly. Some memories sadly will fade over the years therefore having these moments captured on a film is priceless. According to many sources of the couples’ biggest regrets is not hiring a wedding videographer. On the other hand some of those couples who wait to hire the wedding videographer a month or two before their wedding lose the ability to hire the best in the industry. Here are five benefits of hiring a wedding videographer and why wedding videography is important.

Capturing cherished memories for eternity


One of the most important benefits of hiring a wedding videographer is that video captures sounds in addition to moving images. While photographs do not have the ability to capture those sounds. Many years passed and it's invaluable to hear again your shaking voice during the ceremony or cries and laughter during the speeches. At Mooncast Films we believe in integrating our film with professionally captured audio to relive these emotions years later. You can also view your wedding venue from above if you choose our package which includes drone footage.


Stereotypical wedding videographer dressed in comfortable sandals and a waistcoat, carrying a huge broadcast camera on their arm is a thing of the past. Nowadays videographers use small and discreet equipment because we want to go unnoticed and capture the most natural shots possible. At Mooncast Films we wear black to blend in as much as possible. This gives us the ability to record genuine emotions and expressions.


A great wedding videographer knows how best to capture the most important highlights and through creative narrative tell the love story from your big day. You may not even notice we are there as we do not want to interrupt the moments as they unfold. This and expert editing skills enables us to create short highlight video that you can watch and share with loved ones over and over again. Additionally, you will also receive up to 20 minutes Main Feature Film & full video of the speeches and ceremony, depending on the package you select.


With social media and today’s technology sharing your video with your friends and family is simple. Also, unfortunately, not everyone is able to make it to your wedding and having a wedding film gives you the ability to share the special moments. The days of VHS and DVDs have been replaced by Instagram and Vimeo uploads. Showing off a clip of your wedding video on social media will give you a lot of satisfaction. Only if you choose professional wedding videographers like Mooncast Films of course.


Your wedding day will go by very quickly and before you realise you wake up as husband and wife. Unfortunately, you will not be able to see everything during the day like your beautiful bridesmaids walking down the aisle. You will not see your parents sharing the tear when you say “I do”. Having a professional wedding video will enable you to appreciate all the details you worked so hard on, like flower arrangements or table settings. Wedding film allows you to see the moments you missed and gives you the full picture of your big day – and you can’t put a price tag on that. That's why Why Wedding Videography Is Important!

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Why Choose Mooncast Films for Your Wedding Videography Needs?

At Mooncast Films, our wedding videographers are dedicated to capturing every precious moment of your special day. We specialize in creating cinematic wedding films that tell your unique love story. Our wedding video services include pre-wedding shoots, full-day coverage, and professional editing to ensure every detail is captured beautifully.

Experience and Expertise: Our team has accumulated years of valuable experience in the field of wedding videography. Refining their skills to perfection. They possess the necessary expertise to effortlessly encapsulate the very essence of your special day. With a deep understanding of how weddings unfold. They are adept at foreseeing and capturing those pivotal moments that hold significant meaning. Guided by this foresight. They are able to position themselves perfectly to ensure that no important moment goes unnoticed.

State-of-the-Art Equipment: Our wedding videographers use top-of-the-line equipment to ensure the highest quality footage. From drones for breathtaking aerial shots to stabilizers for smooth, cinematic sequences, we have the tools to make your wedding film extraordinary.

Personalized Approach: At our company. We hold the belief that each love story is special and unlike any other. This is why we adopt a personalized approach when it comes to capturing your wedding memories on film. We invest the necessary time to familiarize ourselves with you as a couple comprehend your vision and produce a video that genuinely mirrors your individual traits and affection for one another.

End-to-End Service: From pre-wedding consultations to professional editing and post-production, our wedding videographer services cover every aspect of creating your perfect wedding film. We're with you every step of the way, ensuring a stress-free experience and a final product that exceeds your expectations.

To select Mooncast Films as your trusted wedding videographer is to embrace a decision that guarantees ownership of a priceless treasure for years to come. With utmost reverence for your unique bond, we pledge ourselves wholeheartedly to crafting a cinematic masterpiece that captures every nuance of emotion encompassed within your love story. Waste no time; make contact with us without delay to delve into a world of unparalleled wedding videography services, where we strive to create an unforgettable masterpiece commemorating your special day.

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Tom Kornatowski

Tom Kornatowski is the dedicated business owner of Mooncast Films, a renowned name in the wedding industry. With a rich experience spanning over seven years, Tom has expertly filmed more than 300 weddings all over the world. His extensive experience and passion for capturing unique love stories have made him a trusted choice for couples seeking to immortalize their special day.

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