Why Wedding Videography Is Important

5 Reasons why wedding videography is important?

So you are engaged and getting married, exciting times! And now you are going to plan you big day. Weddings can be expensive, and costs do add up quickly. Some memories sadly will fade over the years therefore having these moments captured on a film is priceless. According to many sources of the couples’ biggest regrets is not hiring a wedding videographer. On the other hand some of those couples who wait to hire the wedding videographer a month or two before their wedding lose the ability to hire the best in the industry. Here are five benefits of hiring a wedding videographer and why wedding videography is important.

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Why Wedding Videography Is Important ?

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Video captures moving images and audio, photography can only capture the moment

One of the most important benefits of hiring a wedding videographer is that video captures sounds additionally to the moving images. While photographs do not have the ability to capture those sounds. Many years passed and its invaluable to hear again your shaking voice during the ceremony or cries and laughter during the speeches. At Mooncast Films we believe in integrating in our film professionally captured audio to relive these emotions years later. You can also view your wedding venue from above if you choose our package that includes drone footage.

TImes have changed for wedding videography

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Stereotypical wedding videographer dressed in comfortable sandals and a waistcoat, carrying a huge broadcast camera on their arm is a thing of the past. Nowadays videographers use small and discreet equipment because we want to go unnoticed and capture the most natural shots possible. At Mooncast Films we wear black to blend in as much as possible. This gives us ability to record genuine emotions and expressions.

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A Wedding film can pack a lot of precious moments in short video

A great wedding videographer knows how best to capture the most important highlights and through creative narrative tell the love story from your big day. You may not even notice we are there as we do not want to interrupt the moments as they unfold. This and expert editing skills enables us to create short highlight video that you can watch and share with loved ones over and over again. Additionally you will also receive up to 20 minutes Main Feature Film & full video of the speeches and ceremony, depending on the package you select.

nowadays sharing your wedding films is easy
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With social media and today’s technology sharing your video with your friends and family is simple. Also, unfortunately not everyone is able to make it to your wedding and having a wedding film gives you the ability to share the special moments. The days of VHS and DVDs have been replaced by Instagram and Vimeo uploads. Showing off a clip of your wedding video on social media will give you a lot of satisfaction. Only if you choose professional wedding videographers like Mooncast Films of course.

Wedding video will show details you may have missed
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Your wedding day will go by very quickly and before you realise you wake up as husband and wife. Unfortunately, you will not be able to see everything during the day like your beautiful bridesmaids walking down the aisle. You will not see your parents sharing the tear when you say “I do”. Having a professional wedding video will enable you to appreciate all the details you worked so hard on, like flowers arrangements or table setting. Wedding film allows to see the moments you missed and gives you the full picture of your big day – and you can’t put a price tag on that. That's why Why Wedding Videography Is Important !