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Wedding Videographer Thailand

Wedding Videographer Thailand

Many couples find themselves overwhelmed by the task of selecting a wedding videographer Thailand who can truly encapsulate the spirit of their celebration. The fear of ending up with a wedding video that fails to reflect the beauty and emotion of their Thai wedding is a significant headache for many.

Wedding Videographer Thailand

The Best 2024 Wedding Videographer Thailand

Enter the solution to your worries: a wedding videographer Thailand with the expertise, passion, and local knowledge to perfectly capture your day. Our UK-based destination wedding videography business specializes in creating stunning, heartfelt wedding films that celebrate your love against the gorgeous backdrop of Thailand.

Why Choose Us?

Multi Award Winning Wedding Videographer Thailand

Wedding Videographers Thailand
Local Expertise, Global Standards

As a UK-headquartered videography team offering services in Thailand, we bring a perfect blend of international quality standards and local Thai knowledge. This unique combination ensures your wedding video is not just a recording, but a cinematic masterpiece that tells your love story.

Thailand Wedding Videographer

Breathtaking Visuals

With Thailand as your stunning wedding backdrop, we use our videography skills to craft visuals that are as mesmerising as your wedding venue. From the tranquil beaches to the vibrant cityscapes, your wedding film will be a feast for the eyes

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Seamless Communication

Our UK-based team ensures seamless communication throughout the planning process, making it easy for you to reach us with your ideas, questions, and updates. This ease of communication is a cornerstone of our service, ensuring a stress-free experience for our couples.

Cinematic Wedding Videography

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Your wedding deserves more than just memories; it deserves a masterpiece.
Find out why couples across the globe choose Mooncast Films for wedding videography that goes above and beyond

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wedding videography thailand

Best 2024 Wedding Videographer Thailand

Discover the Best Wedding Videographer Thailand

Choosing the right wedding videographer Thailand can transform the way you remember your destination wedding. Let us take away the headache of capturing your day and replace it with a beautiful, lasting memory that you’ll cherish forever. With our expertise, your wedding film will not just document your day; it will tell the story of your love in the most beautiful way possible.

Why people love our wedding videography Service?

Testimonials from our satisfied couples showcase the impact and quality of our wedding videography. Hear their stories and understand why Mooncast Films is a top choice for wedding videographer Thailand.

5 Star Review Average!
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“I really cannot put into words how INCREDIBLE Tom was on our wedding day. I can 100% say that picking Mooncast to capture our wedding was the best decision.”

Kate + Sam / Lake Como
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“Tom is phenomenal at what he does! Having a videographer was the BEST decision we ever made and Tomasz was absolutely superb! Thank you”

Lis + Callum / East Sussex
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“Thank you so much for capturing our day in the most special way. Our favourite video was the 4 minute highlights clip. Everything was perfect!”

Leana + Peter / Wilderness Reserve
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Destination Wedding Videography

Mooncast Films is a UK-based company specialising in wedding videography. With a focus on storytelling, creativity, and cinematic excellence, they’re committed to capturing the magic of your big day in a way that’s as unique and unforgettable as the love story it celebrates.

Spain // Castillo de Bendinat – June 2024

Lake Como // Villa Cipressi – June 2024

Bermuda // St George’s Hotel – July 2024

Amalfi Coast // Italy – August 2024

Award Winning Wedding Videographer Thailand

Passionate Wedding Videographer Thailand

At Mooncast Films, as a seasoned wedding videographer Thailand and beyond, we delve into your personal journey to craft a narrative that many might overlook. It’s in the subtle moments: the pride radiating from your father’s eyes during your dance, the awe in the groom’s gaze as he spots his bride approaching the altar, or the sheer happiness echoing in the best man’s laughter as he shares a cherished memory during the toast.

Best Wedding Videographer Thailand
Tom Kornatowski
Director of Photography
Tom, born in the historic city of Warsaw, is the visionary founder of Mooncast Films. His journey from the heart of Poland to becoming a renowned wedding videographer is fueled by his profound passion for capturing timeless moments. Beyond the lens, Tom is a proud father to twin boys, whose playful energy keeps him inspired.

wedding videography in thailand
Oli Cutmore
Main Cinematographer
Oli Cutmore, a native of Essex, is the dynamic co-founder of Mooncast Films. His love for cinematography is evident in every project he undertakes, weaving stories with a cinematic touch. Beyond his professional prowess, Oli is a devoted dog owner, finding inspiration in the simple joys of life with his furry companion

The Most Creative Wedding Videographer Thailand

What Sets Us Apart?

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The Process

Your adventure begins with a simple conversation. Reach out to us through our website, email, or phone, and let us know you’re interested in having a wedding videographer Thailand capture your special day. We’ll schedule a no-obligation consultation to discuss your vision, preferences, and specific needs for your wedding film. This initial chat is the perfect opportunity for us to get to know each other and for you to ask any questions you might have about our process, style, or how we can make your wedding film uniquely yours.

Once you decide to entrust us with your wedding memories, we’ll dive into the planning and creative process. Your wedding videographer Thailand will work closely with you to outline the key moments you want to capture, discuss the style and tone of your wedding film, and plan the logistics of shooting in Thailand’s stunning locations. We’ll keep you informed and involved at every stage, ensuring that our approach aligns perfectly with your vision. This phase is all about collaboration and creativity, ensuring that every detail is planned to perfection.

After your wedding day, our work continues as we meticulously edit and craft your footage into a cinematic wedding film. We blend the beautiful visuals of Thailand with the intimate moments of your celebration, all while ensuring the essence of your love story shines through. Once your wedding film is ready, you’ll be invited to a private viewing to relive the magic of your day. This is the moment where you see your dreams transformed into a beautiful reality. And don’t worry, any adjustments or tweaks you’d like will be handled promptly to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Discover the Mooncast Films Difference

Your journey with your wedding videographer Thailand doesn’t just end with a stunning wedding film; it concludes with the joy of knowing your love story has been captured in a way that you’ll cherish forever. Ready to start this exciting journey? Reach out to us, and let’s create something beautiful together.

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