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Long after the butterflies, tears and confetti have disappeared, your wedding photography will remain. It’s not something we think about much during the fizz of wedding planning but in the decades to come, your wedding photos will count amongst some of your most treasured possessions. That’s why wedding photography is so special. It’s amongst those unique belongings you’d grab first in a fire and it has to be right. Take your time to ensure you choose the best to capture your day. In five, ten, thirty years when you look back at your wedding photos they will still stir up all those emotions and transport you back to your wedding day.

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Hello, my name is Tom. Mooncast Films is dedicated to providing clients with amazing wedding photographs. Combining artistic vision, cinematic technique, and extensive industry knowledge, we create stunning, arresting, timeless wedding photos you’ll cherish forever. Our cinematic wedding photography is both luxurious and affordable. Candid, natural shots that capture every emotion from your day. Based in London, we are a highly experienced team of top, professional wedding photographers. We work across London, Essex, Suffolk, the UK and the world. Whether a chic micro wedding, luxe London wedding, country house blow out or sun-kissed destination wedding, we’ve photographed it. From London to Suffolk, Cornwall, the French Riviera, The Amalfi Coast, Lake Como, Malta, Santorini and New York, we have extensive experience in delivering the best wedding photography for our couples, here in the UK and abroad.

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Creative, Cinematic Wedding Photography

Known for our creativity across the industry, we’ll capture all the best natural moments from your day, using documentary photography, advanced techniques and state of the art equipment to produce dazzling, high-quality wedding photos. Whether you’re having an intimate wedding, a large country house wedding or a rustic barn wedding, we’ll include everything from drone photography to venue shots, outdoor shots, group shots, family shots and all those wonderfully unique moments that make you laugh and cry at the same time. All whilst staying out of the way and blending in like one of your guests.

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From London to the UK, Europe and the world, we have been so lucky to shoot weddings at top wedding venues all over the globe. Syon Park, Great Fosters, Froyle Park, One Great George Street, One Marylebone, Dartmouth House -so many top, award-winning wedding venues we’ve been lucky to photograph – many of them more than once. Not to mention, all the beautiful intimate weddings, elopements, zoom weddings, beach weddings and countless other types of wedding venues around the globe, we’ve been able to shoot in. With hundreds of weddings photographed in so many top wedding venues, we are proud to be amongst the top wedding photographers in London and the UK.

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How To Choose A Wedding Photographer

The Most Important Thing To Check

Beyond experience and a portfolio you love, the connection is so important when it comes to choosing the best wedding photographer for your wedding day. Your wedding photographer will be with you and your loved ones for many hours. Pick a wedding photographer you feel comfortable having around your friends and family during your wedding celebrations.

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Top Tips From An Expert Wedding Photographer

You might not think of them this way yet but your wedding photos are a priceless visual record of what will be the best day of your life – so good in fact, you won’t be able to take it all in. Luckily I’ll be there to record it all for you. When you look through your photos post-honeymoon, you’ll be amazed at all the things you missed on the day – my couples always are. You’re so busy and there is so much going on, it’s impossible to get a full picture of the day until the moment you look through those shots.

And in years to come, when the memories are hazy, you can pick up your wedding photos and relive all the emotions, excitement, warmth and joy of the day. For family and friends too, whether in attendance or unable to make it, wedding photos are one of those precious mementoes you only get one opportunity to have. For most families, weddings are the only time you can get everyone together in one place and obtain lots of amazing family and group photos so don’t miss out. It’s like baby photos – you only get one chance to capture the magic – don’t let it escape you.

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What to expect from a wedding photographer on the day?

On the day, you can expect me to be completely unobtrusive. I capture all of the magical moments that occur naturally during the day. From getting ready to your first dance, I’ll be there in the background quietly snapping away. I won’t interfere, I’ll use stunning, creative shots to document what happens naturally as you, your family and friends enjoy the day.

From heightened emotions, to spectacular architectural features, breathtaking moments, funny happenings, family love and heart-bursting seconds, I’ll record them all to create a dazzling, composition that tells the story of your wedding day, as it happened, in the most breathtaking way. I am a professional filmmaker and photographer so my cinematic wedding photography includes: drone photography, venue shots, outdoor shots, group shots, family shots,  fleeting touching details and more. I use advanced techniques and state of the art equipment so the wedding photos I produce are luxurious, stunning photographs of the highest quality.

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Wedding Photography Packages

Using documentary reportage, I create spectacular, creative cinematic wedding photographs of superior quality. Capturing all of the excitement, emotions, warmth and memories from the day, I’ll produce a dazzling record of your wedding day that you and your family can keep forever. I’ll use an advanced range of shots and techniques to produce your wedding photographs.

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Wedding Photography and Wedding Videography Packages

I am a wedding videographer and photographer so my wedding photography packages include the option to combine wedding photography and videography if you choose. If you want to have a wedding film, hiring a wedding videographer and wedding photographer from the same company is strongly advised. You’ll only have one cost to pay, one team to deal with, one team in attendance on the day, one shooting-style and one company responsible for your spectacular wedding photos and film.

It’s the only way to guarantee a consistent experience and impressive end result so unquestionably the best option if you want a wedding film as well as wedding photos. Post-honeymoon you’ll be able to download and share your wedding photos and film as many times as you like. Our couples, their family and friends always look forward to the moment when they receive these after the honeymoon and can relive all the fun and emotions all over again.

Wedding Photography Costs

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How much does wedding photography cost?

Whether you are getting married locally, in a top UK location or an international destination, wedding planning is stressful. I know how important it is for you to stay within budget so you’ll find a wide range of wedding packages available to ensure you can find the right package for your needs. As with all other parts of your wedding planning, you want to choose the best wedding photographer who is right for you as a couple, someone who is experienced, dedicated and will produce superior wedding photographs that impress. Take a look through my packages, I have a variety of options and pricing so you can ensure your wedding photos have the quality and wow factor you desire.

Learn more about my wedding videography and photography packages here

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Questions about wedding photography ?

As an experienced London, UK and international destination wedding photographer, I know you probably have lots more questions you’d like to ask. Your wedding is one of the best days of your life so of course you want to ensure you hire the best wedding photographer for your special day.

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I photograph weddings across London, Essex, Suffolk, all other parts of the UK and destinations around the world. Whether London, East Anglia, Santorini, the South East, Hertfordshire, Provence, West Sussex, East Sussex, Kent, Hampshire or Tuscany, I’m a London wedding photographer who travels! You name it, I’ve photographed a wedding there so don’t hesitate to get in touch, travelling is one of the things I love about my job that’s why I choose to be a London, UK and destination wedding photographer.

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