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Wedding Films

Wedding films are becoming increasingly popular as couples seek to capture their special day in a way that goes beyond just photographs. A wedding video can provide a more complete and immersive record of the day, capturing the sights, sounds, and emotions that make weddings so special.

So, what exactly is a wedding film? Put simply, it is a cinematic-style video that tells the story of your wedding day. It typically includes footage of the ceremony, reception, speeches, and other key moments from the day. The film is edited together to create a narrative that captures the mood and atmosphere of the day, and is often set to music.

One of the main benefits of a wedding video is that it allows you to relive your wedding day in a way that photographs simply cannot. A film captures movement, sound, and emotion, and can transport you back to the moment in a way that a still image never could. A wedding film allows you to see your family and friends interacting, to hear the laughter and tears, and to feel the joy and excitement all over again.

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Wedding Video

Wedding Video

Another benefit of a wedding video is that it allows you to share your special day with loved ones who were unable to attend. Whether it's a grandparent who lives overseas or a friend who was unable to travel, a wedding film can help them to feel like they were there with you on the day. It also allows you to share your memories with future generations, providing a lasting record of your love story.

There are a few things to consider when choosing a wedding video package. Firstly, you should think about the style of the film. Do you want a documentary-style film that captures the day as it happens, or would you prefer a more cinematic approach, with carefully curated shots and music? Do you want a shorter highlight film, or a longer feature-length film that captures more of the day? There are many different styles and approaches to wedding films, so it's important to choose one that reflects your own personal style and preferences.

You should also think about the level of coverage you require. Do you want your videographer to capture just the ceremony, or do you want them to cover the entire day from getting ready in the morning to the last dance in the evening? Do you want a second videographer to capture multiple angles and perspectives? Consider how much of the day you want to remember and how much footage you would like to have.

Wedding Films


Best Wedding Video

Kier & Laura Porter

Hedsor House // Berkshire

We had Tomasz and his team from our wedding day at Hedsor House in Taplow, they were professional and really accommodating. We are so happy with our wedding videos that they produced at such a high quality and captured everything from our special day. We highly recommend them for any videography work! Thank you so much again Tomasz for everything!

Best Wedding Film

Katie & Sam

Lake Como // Italy

I really cannot put into words how INCREDIBLE Tomasz was on our wedding day. I can 100% say that picking Mooncast to capture our wedding was the best decision I made within the whole wedding planning process. The service we received was faultless and Tom and his team (the lovely, Paula) went above and beyond on the day. They truly made the day extra special, they made myself and Sam feel comfortable and were super professional. I would recommend Mooncast to everyone! I am so glad we invested in a Videographer but you honestly get so much more than just that, the day wouldn’t of been the same without you! Thank you!!!

Wedding Videos

Ella & Ben

Newmarket // Suffolk

Tom and Oli were amazing for our special day!
We’re thrilled with our videos we received, and we loved having them at our wedding! We highly recommend them ! Thank you again,

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Finally, it's important to choose a videographer whose style and approach you feel comfortable with. A wedding film is a highly personal and intimate record of your special day, so it's important to work with someone who you feel understands your vision and can create a film that truly reflects your love story. Look for a videographer who has experience in capturing weddings, who has a style that resonates with you, and who you feel comfortable communicating with.

In terms of cost, wedding films can vary widely depending on the level of coverage you require, the style of the film, and the experience of the videographer. It's important to set a budget early on in the planning process and to research different videographers to find one that offers the right balance of quality and affordability.

When it comes to the wedding day itself, it's important to communicate with your videographer to ensure they have a clear understanding of the schedule and the key moments that you want to capture. You should also make sure that they have access to all areas of the venue and that they are aware of any restrictions or guidelines that may be in place.

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Love stories captured in an elegant and timeless way

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In conclusion, a wedding film is a wonderful way to capture the memories of your special day in a way that goes beyond just photographs. It allows you to relive the day, share it with loved ones who were unable to attend, and create a lasting record of your love story.


Know what kind of wedding film you want ?


Do you want creative, contemporary, classic or candid, classic? Do you want your film to be bright with lots of saturated colours or do you prefer more classic look with nostalgic feel and cinematic colours that will make you feel like a movie star? At Mooncast we specialise in timeless wedding films that will look as good in 20 years as they do now.

One of the most popular and easiest ways to find your wedding videographer is to search online. We did an Instagram poll asking where do brides go when searching for a videographer and Instagram came on top, followed by google search.

Look beyond highlight film.


Highlight film is usually what videographers put on their website or Instagram – its short, interesting and full of the best moments from the wedding day. Most videographers offer highlight film as well as long 15-20 min film. Once you narrow down your list ask to see the full package delivered to the client. As you want each video to be consistent in quality and look.

Wedding Videos

Arrange a zoom / teams call.


During the meeting find out who exactly will shoot on your wedding day. Your videographer will be spending a whole day with you therefore you need to make sure you get on and feel comfortable with them. You must be certain they understand your vision and what you want from them. The more comfortable and relaxed you will be with your videographer the more natural you wedding film will be.

Get the details of timeline for delivery of your wedding films.


After leaving you to dance the night away the videographer’s work is far from finished.

At Mooncast Films our contracted turnaround time in anything from 3 to 6 months. Depending if your wedding happens during the peak season we will have backlog of films to edit, in the meantime we are also filming weddings. Therefore delivery of your film may take up to 6 months. However we do our absolute best to deliver before the 6 months as we know you are excited to see it!

Discuss the fee.


Make sure that you understand what's included in the package that videographers offer. Ask how long the videographer will spend with you and whether there will be a second shooter, as you'll get more detail clips this way. We offer a price list that details several different packages at different price points. And remember your wedding happens once in a lifetime, and you only have once chance to hire a wedding videographer that will capture your day how you imagined it and produce an amazing film for you.