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When I started in wedding business, my marketing strategy was to throw money at Google & Facebook Ads.
To get new bookings I would spend ££££’s. After reviewing the outgoings of my marketing, it was clear to me that my business was not as profitable as it could have been.

Helping You Succeed With SEO

Since then, I’ve spent countless hours on mastering SEO for my wedding videography business and my organic traffic has increased by nearly 500%. I am now ranking highly for a number of very competitive keywords such as “Wedding Videographer Essex, Suffolk, Surrey, Kent, Hampshire, Berkshire, Cambridgeshire, London, Norfolk, Santorini, Malta, Cyprus, Italy” and many others. Due to this, each month I am receiving a large number of high quality enquiries, including destination weddings.
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Check How My Organic Search Has Skyrocketed :

Being on 1st page of Google brings a lot benefits :


1) Good SEO Builds Brand Credibility
Ranking at the top of a Google search suggests to potential customers that you are one of the major players in the industry. It shows you are popular, professional and that you have an excellent website.


2) You don’t need to pay for advertising to be seen
Not paying for adverts is a huge money-saver, something that every business owner needs to think about at some point. Once you’ve made the initial investment into improving your SEO, there is no ongoing cost to keep good, relevant traffic flowing to your website.


3) Good SEO gets more clicks than PPC
According to research, up to 70% of potential clients only click on organic listings, they DON’T click on the ads! Are you one of those people? I know I am.


4) Good SEO helps feed high quality traffic to your website
Higher paying clients are using Google to search for businesses, not social media. In order to reach these potential customers, you need to be ranking higher on Google.

How I Rank In Google ?

This is how i rank for a number of very competitive keywords in Google which leads to high quality enquiries.
Wedding Videographer Essex Position No 1
Wedding Videographer Suffolk Position No 1
Wedding Videographer London Position No 2
Wedding Videographer Kent Position No 2
Wedding Videographer Surrey Position No 1
Wedding Videographer Berkshire Position No 2

The Best SEO for Wedding Videographers & Photographers Guide


I offer completely personalised SEO training specific to your needs. Improve your website’s SEO whilst learning invaluable tips and tricks to help your pages rank higher on Google:

  • Optimise SEO for destination weddings
  • Optimise SEO for different counties in the UK
  • Get free, powerful & safe backlinks to increase your domain authority
  • Write content for your website that is optimised for SEO
  • Create effective meta titles and descriptions
  • Fix SEO issues in WordPress or Squarespace


Secure your 1 to 1 session with me for £350.
I can connect with you on Skype or Zoom.


Our ethos is to capture everlasting memories that you’ll treasure forever through the personalised wedding video production we create just for you. if you haven't guessed by now, film making is my passion and with every wedding video we shoot I feel incredibly honoured to be part of so many couples’ journey into married life together.

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As a highly experienced videographer for London, Essex & destination weddings, I have always been inspired by the golden years of Hollywood Cinematography. Becoming a filmmaker was always the dream, so it is a joy to work within my passion. After many years as a successful documentary videographer, I found myself drawn to producing luxury wedding films with increasing frequency.