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At Mooncast Films we are now bringing our considerable experience and expertise, gained in the wedding and commercial fields, to bear upon the school video production market.

Promotional Videos For Schools

Whether your school is in a primary, secondary or further education setting Mooncast Films will work with you to ensure that all the great benefits of your school are highlighted. With an inspiring yet unobtrusive soundtrack, honest interviews with pupils, teachers and parents as well as amazing footage, including drone shots, stills, school “walkthroughs” and fly-on-the-wall classroom sessions you will end up with a school video to be proud of.

Vicar's Green Primary School

School Promo Video


Given what we saw above, one might ask whether you can afford not to! Naturally, at Mooncast Films, we understand the immense pressure put upon school budgets these days and we strive to bring you a product to fit your means. Rest assured that whatever package you take the quality of the finished school video is unchanged from the most basic to the most advanced package, all that changes is the number of "whistles and bells".

School Promotional Video


It goes without saying that all of the team at Mooncast Films have enhanced DBS checks so you can be confident that your pupils’ safety is assured. Whilst based in Suffolk, Mooncast Films can travel anywhere in the UK, so no matter where you are located you can have the best school video possible. If you are considering having a school promotional video made you probably have a lot of questions. Hopefully, this page will answer some of the more common questions we get asked. If there is something specific you need to know please don’t hesitate to get in touch. All the ways of getting in touch are on our contact page, we’d love to hear about your plans.


Why Have a School Video?


With the ending of school catchment areas, gone are the days when several generations of the same family would automatically attend the same school. Coupled with this, the rising trend to a more mobile workforce means that many parents may not know the schools in the area they settle in. This has led to schools needing to do far more self-promotion than they ever would have just a few years ago. The school website is now de rigueur but the increasing desire for an interactive experience means even having a great website is no longer enough.
This is where a school promotional video can help make your website or information packs stand out. Having said that, however unfair it may seem a school video is not judged solely on its content but also on its quality This why, when you are choosing a school videographer to produce a school video for your school, it is important to make sure that your finished product is of such a quality that it stands head and shoulders above the other schools in your area that may well have a promotional video of their own.

Are You Ready to Begin?

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If a picture is worth 1,000 words, how many is an epic video ? We create cinematic school videos.

Do You Need a School Video?

If your school is fully subscribed or even over-subscribed each year you may be wondering if you even need a school promotional video but complacency is a dangerous thing. It has been known for parents, realising that your school is over-subscribed to feel that it is pointless even applying so you can very quickly go from over-subscribed to under-subscribed. 
You’ve then got an uphill battle to get back on top. Of course, being under-subscribed can also lead to funding problems. It is imperative therefore that you don’t “take your foot off the gas”. If you are under-subscribed a school promotional video is one of the best and fastest ways of getting your message out and closing that gap.


if you haven't guessed by now, film making is my passion and with every school's video we shoot I feel incredibly honoured to be part of so many couples’ journey into married life together.

School Video


Will You Have To Act?

Absolutely not! What prospective parents want to see is an honest, believable and trustworthy portrayal of your school. They will quickly see through a heavily over-scripted or “salesy” video and will simply switch off, either figuratively or literally. All your hard work and investment will then have been wasted.
At Mooncast Films, we work with you to help you develop what you want to say, into a natural and easy flowing script, that will put both you and your audience at ease. What our experience has shown us though is that once the cameras start rolling, even the most camera-shy person can suddenly find their inner Russel Crowe or Meryl Streep!
Of course, there are key members of staff that should be in your school video – the Headteacher for example but anybody that doesn’t want to be in the film doesn’t have to be. That includes the pupils as well who, in any event, will have to have parental consent before appearing.


Will The Camera Crew Disrupt Lessons?

Formal interviews aside, what we at Mooncast Films have learnt from the wedding video work we do that is that the best results possible are obtained when we are as unobtrusive as possible. This is especially important when creating a school promotional video.
Depending on the type of video you want and the package you’ve chosen we may be filming in your school for anything from a few hours to a few days but however long we need, we strive to simply blend into the background so that you’ll hardly know we are there.
Promotional Films For School


As a highly experienced wedding videographer Bedfordshire, I have always been inspired by the golden years of Hollywood Cinematography. Becoming a filmmaker was always the dream, so it is a joy to work within my passion. After many years as a successful documentary videographer, I found myself drawn to producing luxury wedding films with increasing frequency.

How Quickly will We Get Our Video?

We are a Video Production Company that’s simplified the production process, resulting in extremely fast turnaround times. However, it is difficult to be precise on this question as every video will be unique. Timescales will be discussed and agreed in the consultation process.


What If I Am Not Satisfied With The Video?

Good question! To be honest, this has never happened to us! Of course, we want you to be 100% happy with the school video we make for you. This is why we have a detailed consultation right at the beginning so that you can understand what is possible and we can understand what it is you want to achieve. Then, together we can design the video that is best for you.


The Next Step

If you would like to discuss your school video ideas with us please get in contact, we’d love to hear from you!