Savoy Wedding Video

Savoy Wedding Video

A Day to Remember: Donna & Matt’s Savoy Wedding Film

The Dawn of a New Day

It was a bright and early start at the Savoy Hotel on the 8th of July, 2023. As the sun began to peek over the London skyline, Donna was already up and about, her preparations for the big day starting at 08:00 sharp. Matt, on the other hand, had a bit of a lie-in, his preparations not kicking off until around midday. But hey, who’s counting? It’s not every day you get married at the Savoy, right?

Donna + Matt

The Ceremony

The ceremony was set to start at 15:00 at the Savoy, located on the Strand in London. It was a civil ceremony, with a reading by their son Frankie adding a personal touch. Now, here’s a little insider tip from your friendly neighbourhood Savoy wedding videographer: they didn’t like the photos behind the arch, so they used it to hide them. So, if you’re ever filming a Savoy wedding video, make sure to avoid capturing those photos!

The Reception

After the ceremony, it was time for the reception, held at the same location. The number of guests swelled from 60 to 124, as friends and family gathered to celebrate Donna and Matt’s union. There were a few speeches, each one a heartfelt tribute to the couple. Matt, bless his heart, couldn’t help but shed a few tears during his speech. It was a touching moment, one that we were privileged to capture in our Savoy wedding film.

Savoy Wedding Film

The Feast and Festivities

The couple’s entrance to dinner was a key moment. This was when they were announced as a family, all with the new surname of Wallace. Donna’s children were taking Matt’s surname after the wedding, marking the start of their new life together. The music set as guests entered, as the couple entered, and between the main and dessert was interactive, adding a lively atmosphere to the proceedings.

The Speeches

The speeches were held before the meal, with six toasts in total. The speakers included the father of the bride, Frankie, Lyla (who gave a surprise speech), Donna, Rab, and Matt. Each speech was a heartfelt tribute to the couple, filled with laughter, tears, and plenty of love.

The First Dance

After the meal and speeches, it was straight into the first dance. There was no room turnaround, no pause in the festivities. The first dance was around 20.30, with a special dance routine planned. The couple’s first dance was followed by a father-daughter dance, a touching moment that we were privileged to capture in our Savoy wedding video.

Savoy Wedding Videography

The Music

The music for the evening was provided by a band and a DJ, ensuring that the dance floor was never empty. The music, combined with the sparkler machine used during the first dance, created a magical atmosphere that was a joy to film.

The Wrap Up

Our coverage of Donna and Matt’s wedding at the Savoy ended around 9.30pm, after about an hour of dancing. From the groom prep to the bridal prep, from the ceremony to the reception, from the speeches to the first dance, we were there to capture it all. Our deliverables included a 20-minute feature film, a 5-minute cinematic highlights reel, a full video of the ceremony and speeches, and a 1-minute Insta reel ready within 24 hours.

Wedding At Savoy London

A Savoy Wedding to Remember

From sunrise till past midnight at the illustrious Savoy Hotel, Donna and Matt exchanged vows in a celebration that won’t fade from memory easily. Embracing love, laughter, and jubilation in every passing minute; I stood as an esteemed Savoy wedding videographer privileged enough to partake in these magical moments that will forever hold significance for them both. As they embark on their blissful journey together under their shared surname as the Wallaces; our sincerest wishes encompass all-encompassing delight for them.

Should you too be considering ways of immortalizing each extraordinary moment of your forthcoming nuptials with individuality alongside intimacy; allow yourself consideration into procuring a Savoy wedding film? This splendid avenue of remembrance allows you not only reliving this distinguished date repeatedly but also sharing it abundantly amongst adoring friends and family alike- all while preserving these cherished recollections indefinitely.

About the Savoy Wedding Videographer

Tom Kornatowski, the dedicated business owner of Mooncast Films, is a renowned name in the wedding industry. With a rich experience spanning over seven years, Tom has expertly filmed more than 300 weddings all over the world, including many Savoy wedding videos. His extensive experience and passion for capturing unique love stories have made him a trusted choice for couples seeking to immortalize their special day at the Savoy.

Let’s give a shoutout to the amazing suppliers who made this day so special :

Wedding Planner : Ella Hartig
Wedding Photographer : David Christopher
Wedding Venue : The Savoy – London
Makeup : Louisa Jayne
Band / Music : The London Function Band
Table Plan : Ilona Hossack-Smyth
Florist : Hayford & Rhodes
Cake : Claire Lawrence Bespoke Cakes
Bar Design : Invisible Blue
Harpist : Valeria Kurbatova
Furniture : Options Greathire
Tableware: Duchess & Butler
Stationery : Charlotte Willmore
Embroidered Napkins & Bows : Juniper & Me
Linen Hire : Just 4 Linen