Ross & Carmen's Wedding Day

in Rochford, Essex

Leez Priory II.jpg

Date : 10/08/2018

Location : Apton Hall, Essex





Full Wedding Film Package can be watched here :


WHY DID YOU PICK THIS VENUE AND WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL TO YOU?: We first saw the venue around 12 months before it was completed, we walked into the venue and even toured the venue with our dog 'Dolly', even though it was a building site we could see that it was right for us. 
A year later its now finished and looks like an amazing venue. It was once a granary farm and Carmen's grand dad delivered wheat by horse and cart in the 1940's.


HOW DID YOU MEET EACH OTHER?: We met each other through friends, went for a drink one day and the rest is history...


HOW ABOUT THE PROPOSAL? TELL US EVERYTHING! :-): Surprise trip to Rome, sight seeing, roof top lunch in the middle of Rome, a ring and lots of prosecco!!


WHY DID YOU CHOOSE EACH OTHER OVER ANYONE ELSE?: We've always hit it off and are always a team!! We love and live life together!


HOW DO YOU THINK YOUR PARTNER MAKES YOU BETTER?: Carmen makes me appreciate everything in life and the importance of family.

Ross makes me calmer and fights through problems with me rather than against me.