Indian Wedding Videographer

Indian Wedding Videographer

Indian Wedding Videography

Best 2024 Indian Wedding Videographer

Mooncast films is a professional, highly creative Indian wedding videographer working across the UK and internationally. Based in London, our background as professional filmmakers with a deep knowledge of artistic, cinematic filmmaking sets us apart from our contemporaries.

Our passion is to produce monumental, artistic, timeless wedding videography that delivers something unique. We make visually stunning, deeply personal wedding films, full of all the sensory emotions and meaning that capture the essence of you as a couple, your unforgettable story and your spectacular wedding celebrations.

We believe this makes us the best Indian wedding videographers in the UK. There’s only one opportunity to capture the exhilarating whirl of emotions, sacred traditions, joyous celebration and dazzling glamour that make an indian wedding so impressive. Using exhilarating cinematic wedding videography, we ensure your magical, one-off celebrations with beloved family and friends in the most stunning setting, is captured forever through a polished, exquisite and luxurious cinematic style that will never age..

Top Indian Wedding Videographer

From Hindu weddings to Sikh weddings, Muslim weddings and contemporary weddings, we know there are so many different ways to celebrate an Indian wedding – each one a unique celebration of regional culture, religious traditions and two families coming together.
At Mooncast Films, we’re experienced in producing breathtaking, high-end wedding films in a luxurious cinematic style for Indian weddings across London, other parts of the UK and destinations around the world.

We believe this Part of our passion is to deliver the most tailored, personalised service, enabling us to produce an exceptional, deeply personal wedding film as well as wedding photos that are a true reflection of you both as a couple.
From London to Birmingham, Manchester, Leicester and other locations across the UK and the globe, we’ve filmed a vast range of large, luxury Indian weddings in many of the country’s best Indian wedding venues.

You can trust us to understand your needs, fully capture the essence of your multi-day festivities and produce an extraordinary, artistic wedding film and wedding photos packed with beautiful memories that will live on long after the images in your mind fade.

Indian Wedding Videography

Cinematic Wedding Films

Your wedding deserves more than just any videographer. Choose Mooncast Films for an Indian wedding videographer who gets your culture, traditions, and the vibe of your celebration. Click here to find out why we’re the first choice for Indian couples across the UK

Hindu Wedding Videographer

Stunning, Artistic Sikh Wedding Videography and Photography

There’s only one opportunity to capture the exhilarating whirl of emotions, sacred traditions, joyous celebration and dazzling glamour that make an Indian wedding so impressive. Using exhilarating cinematic wedding videography, we ensure your magical, one-off celebrations with beloved family and friends in the most stunning setting, is captured forever through a polished, exquisite and luxurious cinematic style that will never age.

Every wedding film we create is completely unique to each couple and can be accompanied by wedding photography if you choose. We are professional filmmakers as well as wedding videographers and photographers meaning we produce professional, high-end wedding films using creative, innovative, stylish methods and the best state of the art equipment.

We incorporate all sorts of filming techniques and production skills, including: aerial footage, venue shots, panning shots, gimbal technology, stylish cutaways, outdoor shots, group shots and family shots to produce a spectacular, sophisticated wedding film that’s fitting of the occasion.

For Sikh wedding videography the wonderful mix of intimate ceremonials and magnificent gatherings at Sikh weddings are captured perfectly by our luxurious style of film-making. From the glorious drama of the Baraat to the moving significance of the Ardas and Sikhia and the vibrant festivities during the celebration later, we’ll be there to capture it all on film.

Hindu Wedding Videographer

The Best Indian Dazzling Hindu Wedding Videography

Hi I’m Tom. Here at Mooncast Films, our intention is to create an exhilarating sensory record that transports you back to your wedding celebrations every time you watch it. Wedding videography is a unique part of your wedding plans. Whilst everything else is about the things that will happen during your wedding events, your wedding film and photos are about what will happen after.

The numerous ceremonies and events that make up an Indian wedding pass by in a flash. After your wedding and in the years to come, you and your loved ones will want to remember and cherish the feelings, images and details from your wedding events, again and again. With a beautiful wedding film it’s easy to hold those memories dear.

Easy to see so many family and friends united in joy, having a wonderful time, to see all those beautiful wedding details together creating the most dazzling event, to see you both so ecstatic and loved at the start of your next chapter – priceless memories captured on film for you and loved ones to treasure now and in the future. I’ll be there with the Mooncast team to capture it all. We’ll film and if you choose, photograph as many events as you wish as part of your bespoke wedding package.

Indian Wedding Videographer

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Ready to take the next step? Schedule a consultation with Mooncast Films and discover how we can transform your Indian wedding into a cinematic masterpiece. Don’t miss out on securing your date with us – your perfect wedding film awaits!

Top Indian Wedding Cinematography

Renowned for our creativity, we are highly experienced professional filmmakers. We won’t be in the way during any of your festivities or interrupt any of your plans. Myself and my team will slip into the background unnoticed and quietly record all the beautiful things that happen naturally throughout your wedding celebrations.

The many layers of ceremonies, preparations and celebrations in a Hindu wedding are brilliant to capture on film. From the joyous arrival of the groom and his family during the vera yatra / baraat to the importance of the fire ceremonies, salutations and the saptapadi and the fabulous images created during the rice shower in the talambralu – there are so many wonderful images to capture over the three days.

Why people love our wedding videography Service?

Testimonials from our satisfied couples showcase the impact and quality of our wedding videography. Hear their stories and understand why Mooncast Films is a top choice for Indian wedding videographer

5 Star Review Average!
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“I really cannot put into words how INCREDIBLE Tom was on our wedding day. I can 100% say that picking Mooncast to capture our wedding was the best decision.”

Kate + Sam / Lake Como
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“Tom is phenomenal at what he does! Having a videographer was the BEST decision we ever made and Tomasz was absolutely superb! Thank you”

Lis + Callum / East Sussex
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
“Thank you so much for capturing our day in the most special way. Our favourite video was the 4 minute highlights clip. Everything was perfect!”

Leana + Peter / Wilderness Reserve

Your Wedding Story

We are expert filmmakers, with ovYour wedding film will tell your unique story of all this and more with events recorded exactly as they happened – magical memories you would otherwise miss. When you watch your wedding movie once it arrives just after your honeymoon and in the years to come, you’ll see so many things you missed on the day.

You’ll receive a wedding highlights film plus your full documentary wedding film after your honeymoon. Your wedding film will be downloadable so you’ll be able to share your wedding movie with as many family and friends as you wish. Those overseas and little ones in the future will all be able to see your wedding in its full glory and replay the celebrations as often as they choose.

Indian Wedding Video

Beautiful Hindu Wedding Videography & Cinematography

Our professional film studio is based in London although we travel across Essex, Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Hampshire, the rest of the UK and worldwide to film weddings. As skilled wedding photographers as well as videographers, we also provide high-end wedding photography services to most of our couples.

Receiving combined wedding videography and photography services is the ideal way to ensure a consistent high standard and beautiful, timeless style across both your wedding photos and wedding film. It also means you won’t have two sets of staff present during your celebrations or have to liaise with two companies during your wedding planning. We work in a luxurious, elegant and glamorous style inspired by the timeless, sophisticated glamour of the golden age of Hollywood.

Combine Indian Wedding Videography and Wedding Photography

A style perfect for capturing all the magic and glamour of a Muslim wedding. Spanning so many regions, Muslim wedding videography is a common request. From the ceremonials of the nikkah to the festivities of the baraat and later the awesome celebrations during the shaadi and valimia – the numerous events are all absolutely brilliant to capture on film.

Our professional expertise in filmmaking, cinematography, photography and film production comes from formal qualifications as well as many, many years working in the industry as both filmmakers and wedding videographers.
We use an imaginative, creative and stylish blend of natural reportage documentary filming and wedding cinematography to create dazzling, fine art wedding films and photos guaranteed to impress.

Indian Wedding Videographer

Stylish Modern Indian Wedding Videography

If you do want to have wedding pIt’s always really interesting when a couple choose to break with tradition to a degree and put a contemporary spin on proceedings with a modern Indian wedding. The juxtaposition between traditional customs and unique contemporary ideas means a modern Indian wedding is always fantastic to capture on film.

We’ve filmed a huge number of beautiful, large Indian weddings over the years in London, across the UK and worldwide. As respected London, UK and destination Indian wedding videographers and photographers, we’ve been lucky to film at many of the top Indian wedding venues across the UK and around the globe, with many exclusive clients amongst our couples.

Indian Wedding Videography

Indian Wedding Films

Every love story is unique, especially yours. With Mooncast Films, your Indian wedding videography isn’t just about capturing moments; it’s about telling your story. Intrigued? Learn more about how we can make your wedding film as extraordinary as your love.

Top Indian wedding venues like: Braxted Park, Syon House, Newland Manor, Grosvenor House, Claridge’s, The Dorchester, Northbrook Park, 116 Pall Mall and Froyle Park are dream locations to hold your Sikh, Hindu, Muslim or Indian wedding and phenomenal places to film. Of course we’re also available to film at the other locations you will use over your three-day.

Asian Wedding Videographer

Choose Your Bespoke Indian Wedding Package

Our wedding videography and photography services are completely tailored to suit your specific needs. You can compile a bespoke Indian wedding videography package by selecting the options that suit you best from our wide range of different Indian wedding videography and photography services.

Pick the Indian wedding videography package that’s closest to what you want then remove or add the services you desire to get the bespoke range of options you need. From the range of shots you want to different price levels, the ceremonies and festivities you would like us to film over your multi- day event and lots more, browse our packages now to see the wide variety of options we have. Browse packages

Indian Wedding Videographer

Before The Wedding

We’ll get to know each other better before your wedding and discuss the things you’ll treasure most about your wedding celebrations. The connections I build with my couples is one of the things I enjoy the most about my work. I fully recognise the degree of trust couples place in me when they choose me as their wedding videographer. In return I consider it an honour to have the privilege of playing a tiny role in your wedding – a  privilege I take very seriously.

Whether you’re in London, Essex, Birmingham, Manchester, Bradford or somewhere else in the world, I’d love to hear your plans for your day and discuss what I could do for you. I know you’ll have further questions so feel free to ask all you need. Myself and my team are highly experienced, we’re one of the UK’s best Indian wedding videographers so you’re in safe hands and whatever you want to know, I’ll have heard it before so don’t be afraid to put your mind at ease.

How To Choose Your Indian Wedding Videographer ?

Once you’ve checked the portfolio and experience, pick an Asian wedding videographer you connect with. Although they should be acting as if they are invisible, your Asian wedding videographer will be with you, your family and friends all day so make sure it is someone you have a connection with.

I always meet with my couples before the wedding day so we can get to know each other better. For me, this is one of the best things about being a wedding videographer. It is such an honour to be a tiny part of my couple’s wedding day and to meet them at such an important time in their lives. You can be sure it is a privilege I take very seriously.

Thulan and Dayani

Is Wedding Videography Worth It?

There are some things you can never get back and your wedding day is one of them. Between all the nerves, excitement, events, loved ones and splendour of the day, you won’t be able to take it all in at the time. With a high-quality wedding video, you can ensure all the best moments from the day are recorded naturally as they happen so you can play them back, at your leisure whenever you choose. In 5, 10, 20 years, when everything’s changed and your memories are all fuzzed into one, you can pop on your wedding film, maybe with new members of family by your side and see everyone and everything, all over again – exactly as it was. Priceless.

Indian Wedding Videography Costs

I understand how important your budgeting is for your wedding planning, that’s why I offer a range of packages and pricing to suit every need. Ultimately, you want to pick the best wedding videographer who fits with you and your partner – a professional wedding videographer who is experienced, dedicated and produces top quality wedding films that surpass all expectations. Take a look through my Asian wedding videography packages. I have a variety of customisable options to suit a range of budgets so you can ensure your wedding photos have the finish and expert cinematography you desire.

Questions about Indian Wedding Videography?

As an experienced London, UK and destination Asian wedding videographer, I’m sure you have more questions to ask. Your wedding is one of the most fantastic days of your life so you should absolutely want to make sure the Asian wedding videographer you choose is one of the best Asian wedding videographers in the UK.

Mooncast Films are proud to be one of the UK’s best Indian Asian wedding videographers. Based in London, we film Indian weddings all over London, Essex, Suffolk, other parts of the UK and the world. Whether Sikh, Hindu, Muslim or other type of Asian wedding, we have filmed it, so don’t hesitate to get in touch. We travel all over the country and the world, it is another thing we love about being a London, UK and destination Asian wedding photographer. Regardless of whether your Asian wedding is in London, Essex, Suffolk, Manchester, Birmingham, Leicester, Bradford or Europe, get in touch with us today for spectacular wedding cinematography with all the wow factor you need.

Chinese Wedding Videographer

Top London, UK & Destination Asian Wedding photographer

Discover our dazzling cinematic Asian wedding videography. We are a creative wedding studio offering beautiful, candid, fine art Asian wedding videography and photography. We document all the heart-stopping moments and emotions from your wedding day to create a lasting record you can treasure forever. Understanding the essence of every couple and individual, our approach for each shoot is completely unique and tailored to you. We utilize state of the art Sony equipment – the best in the business- to create priceless, timeless, bespoke wedding films and photos for the perfect way to remember your wedding day, exactly as it was, in the years and decades to come.


Is Wedding Videography Worth It?

There are some things in life that you can never get back, and one of them is your wedding day. You won’t be able to take it all in at once, what with all the anxieties, excitement, events, loved ones, and splendor of the day. With a high-quality wedding video, you can guarantee that all of the finest moments from the day are captured as they happen, so you can relive them anytime you want.

How To Choose Your Indian Wedding Videographer ?

After you’ve reviewed the portfolio and experience, choose an Indian wedding videographer with whom you feel comfortable. Although they should appear unnoticed, your Asian wedding videographer will be with you, your family, and friends throughout the day, so choose someone with whom you feel comfortable.

How Much Indian Wedding Videography Costs ?

I realize how essential money is when it comes to wedding preparation, which is why I provide a variety of packages and pricing ranging from £1600 to £2500 to meet your needs.

What You Can Expect From Me ?

Team will be there to record all of your unique moments spontaneously throughout the day, without interfering in any way with the flow of the day.

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Meet the Wedding Videographer Winning Every Wedding Award!

About The Author

Tom Kornatowski is a seasoned wedding videographer with a passion for capturing timeless and cinematic wedding videos. Inspired by the golden years of Hollywood cinematography, Tom embarked on a journey that led him from documentary videography to the world of luxury wedding films.

Having filmed over 300 weddings, Tom’s expertise is not just limited to the UK but extends to destination weddings across the globe. From the picturesque landscapes of the Amalfi Coast and Lake Como to the enchanting castles of Spain or France, Tom’s work is a testament to his dedication and love for his craft.

Beyond his work, Tom is a firm believer in continuous learning. He frequently attends videography, photography, and production courses to stay updated with the latest trends and techniques, ensuring that his work remains at the forefront of wedding cinematography.
Tom’s commitment to his craft, combined with his extensive experience, makes him a trusted choice for couples looking to immortalise their special day. His work has garnered praise from numerous couples, with many highlighting his professionalism, attention to detail, and ability to capture the essence of their wedding day.

5 Star Review Average!

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