how to budget for your wedding videography

How to Budget for Your Wedding Videography

How to Budget for Your Wedding Videography?

Ah, weddings! A whirlwind of emotions, laughter, tears, and dance moves that you swear were a good idea at the time. Amidst all this beautiful chaos, there’s one silent guardian capturing it all: your wedding videographer. They’re the ones who ensure that your “I do” moment, the cheeky wink from your best mate, and your gran’s unexpected breakdance moves are immortalised forever. But let’s be real, ensuring these memories are captured without having to sell a kidney is where the art of budgeting for wedding videography comes into play.

Budgeting for wedding videography isn’t about cutting corners; it’s about making smart choices that ensure your wedding film is everything you dreamed of and more, without leaving your wallets empty. It’s about striking that perfect balance between affordability and getting a wedding video that you’ll be binge-watching for years to come. So, let’s dive into how you can make the most of your budget and ensure your wedding videography is money well spent.

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Understanding Wedding Videography Costs

Navigating the world of wedding videography pricing can feel a bit like trying to solve a Rubik’s cube blindfolded. But fear not! With a bit of insight, you’ll be cracking the code in no time.

Breakdown of Videography Expenses

First off, let’s unravel the mystery of what goes into the cost of wedding videography. It’s not just about someone showing up with a camera and pressing ‘record’. There’s a whole symphony of elements at play:

  • Shooting: This is the bread and butter of your videography package. It covers the time and talent of the videographer on your big day, from the moment you start getting ready to the last dance. Remember, they’re not just capturing moments; they’re crafting the visual story of your wedding.
  • Editing: The magic really happens in the editing suite. This is where hours of footage are transformed into your cinematic love story. Editing is a time-consuming process that involves cutting, sequencing, colour grading, and adding music to create a film that evokes all the feels.
  • Extras: Want to add a bit of pizzazz to your wedding film? Extras like drone footage for those breathtaking aerial shots, additional cameramen for more angles, or even a same-day edit can elevate your video. However, these add-ons will also elevate the price.

Factors Influencing Videography Pricing

Now, why does the cost of wedding videography vary as much as British weather? A few key factors come into play:

  • Location: Just as the cost of living varies from place to place, so does the cost of wedding videography. If you’re getting hitched in a swanky city venue versus a quaint countryside spot, expect the pricing to reflect that.
  • Experience Level of the Videographer: You’re not just paying for someone to film your wedding; you’re investing in their expertise, style, and ability to capture your day perfectly. Seasoned pros with a portfolio that makes you swoon will typically command higher prices than up-and-comers.
  • Length of Coverage: How much of your wedding day do you want to be filmed? Just the ceremony and speeches, or from the first mimosa to the last dance? More coverage means more time filming and editing, which, you guessed it, means a higher cost.

Understanding these costs and factors is your first step towards budgeting wisely for your wedding videography. It’s all about finding the right balance between what you value most and what you’re willing to invest in preserving your wedding day memories.

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Setting Your Videography Budget

Alright, let’s talk turkey—or in this case, budgets. Setting aside funds for your wedding videography is a bit like allocating slices of your wedding cake. You want to make sure there’s enough to go around, especially for the bits you really care about.

Prioritizing Videography in Your Wedding Budget

When it comes to divvying up your wedding budget, videography holds a special place. Why? Because long after the cake has been eaten and the flowers have wilted, your wedding video remains—allowing you to relive your special day over and over. So, how do you weigh its importance against other expenses?

Think about what memories mean to you. If the thought of being able to watch your nana’s dance moves on repeat brings a tear to your eye, then bumping videography up your priority list makes sense. It’s about investing in something that will last a lifetime, beyond the ephemeral details of the day.

How Much to Allocate

The million-dollar question (don’t worry, it won’t actually cost that much): What percentage of your wedding budget should go towards videography? While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, a good rule of thumb is to allocate around 10-15% of your overall budget to videography.

This percentage can flex depending on what’s most important to you. If capturing your day in cinematic glory is top of the list, you might lean towards the higher end. On the flip side, if you’re having a more intimate do or have other areas you want to splurge on, you might allocate a bit less.

Remember, this is your day, your memories, and your budget. The key is finding a balance that feels right for you, ensuring you can capture the magic of your wedding day without giving your bank account an unnecessary fright.

How to Budget for Your Wedding Videography
How to Budget for Your Wedding Videography

Saving on Your Wedding Videography Without Sacrificing Quality

Let’s face it, planning a wedding can feel like you’re constantly trying to squeeze a quart into a pint pot when it comes to your budget. But fear not! You can still capture your day in all its glory without having to sell your first-born. Here’s how to keep the costs of videography within reach while ensuring your wedding film is nothing short of fabulous.

Choosing the Right Package

Picking a videography package is a bit like choosing a meal deal – you want the best bang for your buck without the side of regret. Here are a few tips to help you choose wisely:

  • Know What’s Non-Negotiable: Decide what aspects of videography are must-haves for you. Is it full-day coverage, or are you content with just the ceremony and speeches? Identifying your essentials will help you focus on what’s important.
  • Compare and Contrast: Don’t just go with the first videographer you meet. Shop around, compare packages, and see who offers the best value for your must-haves.
  • Beware of the Upsells: It’s easy to get tempted by all the bells and whistles, but do you really need drone footage or that ultra-HD option? Stick to your guns and your budget by choosing a package that covers your essentials without the fluff.

Negotiating with Your Videographer

Believe it or not, there’s wiggle room in most videography quotes, and a bit of polite negotiation can go a long way. Here’s how to approach it:

  • Be Upfront About Your Budget: Honesty is the best policy. Let your videographer know your budget constraints from the get-go. They might be able to tailor a package that fits your needs and wallet.
  • Ask About Off-Peak Discounts: If you’re getting married in the off-season or on a weekday, you might be in for some savings. Many videographers offer discounts for times when they’re less busy.
  • Inquire About Custom Packages: Sometimes, the standard packages don’t quite fit. Don’t be shy about asking for a custom quote that aligns more closely with what you’re looking for and can afford.

Saving on your wedding videography doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. With a bit of savvy planning, clear communication, and smart choices, you can have a wedding video that captures the essence of your day, without the need to break the bank.

Budgeting Your Wedding Videography
Budgeting Your Wedding Videography

Creative Ways to Maximize Your Videography Budget

Who says you can’t have your wedding cake and eat it too, especially when it comes to videography? With a sprinkle of creativity and a dash of savvy, you can stretch your videography budget further than you might think. Let’s dive into some inventive ways to get the most bang for your buck.

Leveraging Technology

In the age of technological wonders, Innovations in Wedding Videography are your best friends for cost-effective solutions that don’t skimp on the wow factor. Here’s how you can harness the power of tech:

  • Drones for Aerial Shots: Once a luxury only blockbuster budgets could accommodate, drone technology has become surprisingly affordable. Adding drone footage to your wedding video can provide breathtaking aerial views that elevate the production value without necessarily elevating the cost.
  • Live Streaming for Distant Guests: In an era where travel can be tricky, live streaming is a fantastic way to include friends and family who can’t make it in person. Not only does it allow you to share your special day with more loved ones, but it can also be a cost-effective addition to your videography package, saving on the need for a more extensive guest list and venue size.

Combining Services

Who doesn’t love a good two-for-one deal? When planning your wedding videography, consider the potential savings of bundling services:

  • Videography and Photography: Some professionals offer both videography and photography services, or they work closely with a partner who does. Opting for a combined package can often be more economical than hiring separate vendors for each. Plus, it ensures a cohesive style and approach to capturing your wedding day.
  • Other Bundle Deals: Don’t stop there! Explore if your videographer offers any other bundle deals or partnerships with vendors, such as DJs or event planners. Combining services can lead to discounts and simplify your planning process, giving you more time to focus on the fun parts of wedding planning.

Maximizing your videography budget doesn’t mean cutting corners. By embracing the latest technological innovations and considering bundle deals, you can create a wedding video that’s both stunning and smartly budgeted. After all, a little creativity goes a long way in making your wedding day unforgettable, both in memory and on film.

Budget Wedding Videography
Budget Wedding Videography

Planning for the Unexpected

Allocating a Contingency Fund

In the grand tapestry of wedding planning, it’s wise to remember that not everything always goes according to plan. That’s why squirreling away a bit of your budget for the “just in cases” isn’t just smart—it’s essential. When it comes to videography, consider setting aside a contingency fund for those unexpected expenses or last-minute desires that pop up. Whether it’s an extra hour of coverage because the party’s still roaring or a sudden inspiration to add a highlight reel, having a financial cushion means you can make those decisions without fretting over every penny.


As we wrap up our journey through the ins and outs of budgeting for wedding videography, remember this: your wedding video is an investment in memories. With thoughtful planning and savvy decision-making, it’s entirely possible to capture the magic of your day in a way that doesn’t leave your wallets weeping. Prioritizing what matters most to you, exploring creative solutions, and preparing for the unexpected are all key steps in crafting a videography plan that fits snugly within your financial comfort zone.

Don’t wait until the eleventh hour to start thinking about your wedding videography. The earlier you begin conversations with potential videographers, the better chance you have of finding the perfect match for both your vision and your budget.

Ready to begin?

Ready to take the next step towards securing a wedding video you’ll cherish forever? Reach out to experienced wedding videographers for a consultation today. Discussing your needs, desires, and budget early on can help ensure you find a professional who can bring your wedding day memories to life, all within a budget that works for you. Remember, the right videographer will not only capture your day but will also help you relive those precious moments for years to come.


The information and inspiration for this article were gathered from various online sources, including wedding blogs, trend forecasts, and my own experience as a wedding videographer. Please note that trends can vary by location and culture, so it’s always a good idea to do your own research and consult with a professional wedding planner in your area.

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