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Beautiful Hampton Court House Wedding Video by Mooncast Films.

It was a pleasure to be asked by Marina & George to film their wedding in London here and create a Hampton Court Wedding Video.

When two people in love find themselves wanting to spend the rest of their lives together, they set out and plan a wedding to mark the beginning of their happily ever after. A wedding is a moment where a couple celebrates their love with the people they love the most. However, planning a fairytale wedding may not be as easy you think.

Planning a wedding entails a lot of considerations. One of the most crucial decisions couples have to make is where they plan to have their wedding. Some venues can be easily booked. Although, there are wedding locations that may take a few months or even years before you can book the wedding of your dreams. Enquire about your Hampton Court Wedding Video now !

Hampton Court Wedding Videographer

If you are looking for one of the most sought-after wedding locations, you might want to consider a Hampton Court House Wedding. Located a few minutes away from the heart of London is this gorgeous mansion that is reminiscent of the 18th-century gardens and grotto. More than that, there are also a number of beautiful architectural features and the most charming rooms that overlook London’s magnificent Royal Parks.

Hampton Court House Wedding Videographer

Hampton Court House Wedding Video

Why choose Hampton Court House for your wedding?

The Hampton Court House is probably the perfect location you can ever consider for your wedding. Every single spot of the location is breathtaking. It almost feels like you are living your very own fairytale in London. Since the Hampton Court House was built in the year 1757, over the years, the Georgian Mansion has been preserved to endure the changes of the times. As a result, it was able to maintain the unique vintage charm most period homes have. The Hampton Court House was supposed to be a gift by the 2nd Earl of Halifax to his mistress. Their love story may be what is now called “love at first sight.”

To this day, the original design of the renowned architect Thomas Wright of the mansion continues to be a backdrop to some of the most beautiful wedding events that happen in London. He has included a number of unique features that can only be seen in period architectures.

Hampton Court House Wedding

Wedding At Hampton Court House

The Hampton Court House is a privately owned property that caters to a variety of events anyone can imagine. They can host corporate events that can house a huge number of people. It can even be great if you are planning to have a party that is inspired by the Victorian era considering the design of the location. In total, the Hampton Court House can easily welcome 500 people in capacity. So if you and your partner are hoping to invite a lot of people to your wedding, which may include some of your closest friends and relatives, you will truly enjoy what this Gregorian Mansion has to offer. Additionally, almost every single room and location of the Hampton Court is picture-perfect. It almost feels like you, a part of London, were frozen in time.

Hampton Court Wedding Videography

Are You Looking For A Hampton Court Wedding Videographer ?

On the other hand, you can also hold more intimate weddings with their conservatory that can seat a total of 80 people. They also have a dining room that can accommodate a total of 150 people. The Hampton Court House is truly a wedding location worth considering.

With the beauty and ambiance a Hampton Court House Wedding can provide, it is always best to hire the best videographer to help you professionally keep this memory for the rest of your life. Having a videographer for your wedding will help you remember this once-in-a-lifetime moment, and you can even pass it down to the next generation as a celebration of your love and devotion.

Why hire a Hampton Court House Videographer?

Weddings only happen once in a lifetime, and what better way to keep that moment than with a professional videographer. Since you’ve already considered having a wedding at the Gregorian Mansion, why not step it up and hire your very own Hampton Court House Videographer. Hiring a professional videographer that understands the different locations within the Hampton Court House will ensure that you will get your value for money. There is no need to second guess which part of the mansion is the best place to capture the bride’s wedding dress or how dapper the groom is. More than that, you get to maximize the exquisite view that this mansion has to offer.

Hampton Wedding Videographer

What can a videographer offer you for your wedding?

As your wedding reception comes to an end, what better way to remember the day than watching a same-day edit video. What’s great about immediately having a Hampton Court House Wedding Video is that you get to reminisce all the smiles and even the tears that were shed during your wedding. It will surely leave you smiling as you make the last toast of the night. More than that, once you get a copy of your wedding video, you can even watch it during your wedding anniversary to celebrate your life as a married couple. In addition, this can also be a great video to show your children. Most probably, your children weren’t able to witness nor attend the wedding of their parents. So, when you have a video of your wedding, you get to relive the moment like one of your favorite movies. Wedding pictures are great for a coffee table book. However, having a wedding video has the capacity to capture the moment you said I do and that first kiss you had as a married couple.

A Wedding at the Hampton Court House

Hosting your wedding in the Hampton Court House will not only be memorable to you and your partner but also to everyone who will attend. There is no denying how exquisite the mansion is. Plus, it is perhaps the best backdrop to have for anyone who aspires to have a wedding that feels like a fairytale in real life. In order to make the most out of this special day, you will need to hire a professional videographer to keep a record of such a momentous event that you will surely remember for the decades to come.

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