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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Wedding Shoes!

Section 1: The Unsung Heroes of Your Wedding Day
Section 2: Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Shoes
Section 3: The Different Types of Wedding Shoes
Section 4: Consulting with Wedding Stylists
Section 5: Trying and Buying Your Wedding Shoes
Section 6: Capturing Your Wedding Shoes in Your Wedding Video
Section 7: Expert Insights on Choosing the Perfect Wedding Shoe
Section 8: Exploring the Diverse World of Bridal Footwear
Section 9: Real Brides Share Their Shoe Stories


Well, hello there, lovely brides-to-be! You’re knee-deep in wedding planning, aren’t you? The dress, the venue, the cake, the rings… and let’s not forget about choosing wedding shoes! As a seasoned wedding videographer, I’ve seen it all. From brides wincing in sky-high stilettos to brides dancing the night away in comfy flats. Trust me, the right pair of wedding shoes can make or break your big day. So, let’s dive into the ultimate guide to choosing your wedding shoes, shall we?

Embarking on the journey of choosing the right wedding shoes is a pivotal chapter in the wedding planning book. Much like finding the perfect venue or the dream dress, selecting the ideal pair of shoes is a decision that marries style with comfort, ensuring every step you take towards your new life is as confident as it is graceful.

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Section 1: The Unsung Heroes of Your Wedding Day

Choosing the right wedding shoes is as important as picking the perfect wedding dress. They are the foundation of your bridal look, providing both style and comfort. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “It’s just shoes, right?” Wrong! Your wedding shoes, whether they’re bridal heels, wedding sandals, or even wedding trainers, play a crucial role in your big day. They’re the unsung heroes, really. They not only complete your look but also keep you comfortable as you glide down the aisle, twirl on the dance floor, and mingle with your guests. Understanding the art of choosing wedding shoes is essential, as they carry you through one of the most memorable days of your life.

I remember filming a wedding where the bride, a self-confessed shoe addict, chose a stunning pair of Jimmy Choo wedding shoes. They were gorgeous, no doubt, but halfway through the day, she was in agony. She ended up ditching them for a pair of bridal slippers! So, remember, ladies, while style is important, comfort is key.

Bridal Wedding Shoes

Section 2: Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Shoes

When choosing wedding shoes, it’s essential to consider the venue and the weather. For instance, if you’re having a beach wedding, beach wedding shoes or wedge heels might be more appropriate. Choosing the perfect wedding shoes for the bride isn’t a walk in the park. There’s a lot to consider. But don’t fret, I’ve got you covered.

An often overlooked aspect of bridal footwear selection is ensuring your shoes not only dazzle but also harmonize with your wedding’s theme and venue. Whether you’re stepping down a sandy aisle or dancing in a grand ballroom, choosing wedding shoes that complement the setting adds a layer of thoughtfulness to your ensemble.


First things first, comfort. You’ll be on your feet most of the day, so choose something you can actually walk in. Flat wedding shoes or wedding shoes with a low heel can be a lifesaver. I’ve seen brides swap their bridal heels for flat bridal shoes for the reception, and they couldn’t be happier.


Next up, style. Your wedding shoes should complement your dress, not compete with it. If your dress is a showstopper, opt for simple, elegant shoes. If your dress is understated, you can go all out with your shoes. Nude wedding shoes or white wedding shoes are always a safe bet.

Choosing Wedding Shoes


Height is another factor to consider. If you’re not used to strutting around in heels, your wedding day is not the time to start. Trust me, no one wants to see a bride wobble down the aisle. Opt for wedding shoes with low heels or even flat wedding shoes. They can be just as stylish.


When it comes to colour, there are no rules. Traditional white wedding shoes, glamorous gold shoes for wedding, or even bold, coloured shoes – the choice is yours. I once filmed a wedding where the bride wore a pair of dazzling silver shoes for the wedding. They added a pop of sparkle to her look and looked amazing on camera!


Lastly, consider the material. Satin, lace, leather – each has its own charm. Just make sure they’re comfortable and match the style of your dress.

Section 3: The Different Types of Wedding Shoes

Exploring the different types of wedding shoes is a fun and crucial aspect of wedding planning, offering brides a chance to express their personal style. From designer wedding shoes to budget-friendly options, there’s a wide range of choices available. It’s all about finding the pair that fits your personal style and comfort level. Now, let’s talk about the different types of wedding shoes for women. From bridal heels to wedding sandals, and even wedding trainers, there’s something for every bride.


Heels are a classic choice. They add height and elegance to your look. But remember, not all heels are created equal. Stilettos are glamorous but can be tricky to walk in. Block heels and wedding shoes with a low heel are a more comfortable option.

Bridal Shoes


Flats are a godsend for the comfort-loving bride. Don’t underestimate them, ladies. Flat wedding shoes can be just as stylish as heels. Think embellished ballet flats, chic bridal slippers, or even wedding Converse for a quirky twist.


Wedges are a great middle ground. They give you the height of heels without discomfort. Perfect for outdoor weddings where stilettos might sink into the grass.


Yes, you read that right. Sneakers, or as we call them here in the UK, trainers. Wedding trainers are a rising trend among modern brides. They’re comfy, stylish, and make for some great photos!

In the realm of wedding footwear, personal style plays the starring role. Opting for vintage wedding shoes infuses a classic charm, while designer bridal shoes offer a modern flair, ensuring your feet make as much of a statement as your dress. It’s about finding that perfect pair that reflects your personality and enhances your bridal glow.

wedding heels

Section 4: Consulting with Wedding Stylists

Before making your final choice, consider consulting with a wedding stylist. These experts can provide invaluable advice on selecting shoes that not only accentuate your wedding dress but also align with the overall aesthetics of your day. This collaboration ensures your bridal look is cohesive, from head to toe.

Section 5: Trying and Buying Your Wedding Shoes

When it comes to buying your wedding shoes, timing is everything. Start shopping once you’ve chosen your dress. This way, you can ensure they complement each other.

Try on your shoes with your dress. Walk around, dance a little. Make sure they’re comfortable. And remember, online shopping is great, but nothing beats trying on shoes in person.

Once you’ve bought your shoes, break them in. Wear them around the house. The last thing you want is blisters on your big day.

Section 6: Capturing Your Wedding Shoes in Your Wedding Video

Choosing wedding shoes that reflect your personality ensures they make a stunning appearance in your wedding video, captured beautifully by your videographer. As a wedding videographer, I can tell you that your wedding shoes will have their moment in the spotlight. We love capturing the details – the dress, the rings, the shoes. So, make sure they’re camera-ready.

Ask your videographer for special shots of your shoes. Maybe a close-up as you put them on, or a shot of them peeking out from under your dress. These little details add a personal touch to your wedding video.

Imagine the cinematic moment when your videographer captures the delicate elegance of you slipping into your chosen wedding shoes, a visual testament to their role in completing your bridal look and adding an extra sparkle to your special day.

Wedding Shoes For Bride

Expert Insights on Choosing the Perfect Wedding Shoe

Experts agree that choosing wedding shoes is about finding the perfect balance between elegance and practicality.

Sophia Webster, Renowned Shoe Designer: “When designing bridal shoes, comfort is as crucial as aesthetics. A bride’s shoe should reflect her personality while ensuring she can dance the night away. My advice? Always try on your shoes with your wedding dress, and walk around to ensure they complement the dress and feel comfortable.”

Ella Green, Bridal Boutique Owner: “Over the years, I’ve seen brides prioritize style over comfort, only to regret it later. The perfect wedding shoe strikes a balance between the two. Remember, you’ll be on your feet for most of the day, so choose wisely!”

Jasmine Patel, Recent Bride: “I initially chose a stunning pair of stilettos for my wedding. But during my reception, I switched to comfortable flats. In hindsight, I wish I’d chosen a stylish yet comfortable pair from the start. It’s essential to think about the entire day, not just the ceremony.”

Lucas Grant, Wedding Planner: “Every bride is unique, and so is her choice of footwear. Whether it’s heels, flats, or even sneakers, the key is to choose a shoe that complements the dress and suits the venue. A beach wedding, for instance, might call for elegant sandals rather than stilettos.”

Wedding Shoes

Exploring the Diverse World of Bridal Footwear

While heels and flats might be the traditional go-to for brides, the world of bridal footwear is vast and varied. Let’s dive into some unique and trending shoe styles that modern brides are embracing:

Bridal Boots

Perfect for winter weddings or rustic themes, bridal boots offer both style and comfort. They can be ankle-length with delicate lace detailing or knee-high for a bold statement. Paired with a shorter dress, they can truly shine!

Vintage-Inspired Shoes

For brides who love all things retro, vintage-inspired shoes can be the perfect fit. Think peep-toes with Art Deco designs or Mary Janes in muted tones. They’re a nod to the past while being perfect for the present.

Culturally Specific Footwear

Many cultures have traditional footwear that brides wear. For instance, Indian brides might opt for embellished juttis, while Japanese brides might choose elegant zori sandals. Embracing cultural footwear can add authenticity and personal touch to your wedding attire.

Bridal Sneakers

Who said brides couldn’t wear sneakers? Modern brides are all about comfort, and bridal sneakers are on the rise. Brands are now offering white, lace-covered, or embellished sneakers that are both chic and comfortable. Perfect for dancing the night away!


For beach or summer weddings, espadrilles can be a great choice. They offer height, much like wedges, but bring a casual and laid-back vibe, perfect for sandy shores or garden settings.

Mules and Slides

Easy to slip on and off, mules and slides are becoming a popular choice for brides looking for a mix of style and convenience. They’re especially great for changing into during the reception for a more relaxed feel.

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Real Brides Share Their Shoe Stories

Hearing from real brides can provide invaluable insights and personal touches to the shoe selection process. Here are some shoe stories from brides who’ve walked down the aisle:

1. Clara, New York: “I had my heart set on a pair of crystal-embellished stilettos. They looked stunning, but halfway through the ceremony, my feet were aching. Thankfully, my maid of honor had a pair of comfy flats on standby. Lesson learned: Always have a backup!”

2. Aisha, London: “For my traditional Pakistani wedding, I chose hand-embroidered khussas. They were flat, comfortable, and beautifully complemented my bridal attire. It was a perfect blend of tradition and comfort.”

3. Mia, Sydney: “I’m all about sustainability, so I opted for eco-friendly bridal sneakers made from recycled materials. They were unique, comfortable, and aligned with my values. Plus, I’ve worn them multiple times after the wedding!”

4. Isabella, Rome: “My wedding venue was a historic villa with cobblestone paths. I quickly realized that stilettos would be a challenge. Instead, I chose block-heeled sandals that offered stability and style. Best decision ever!”

5. Sophie, Toronto: “I had two pairs of shoes for my wedding. A pair of classic heels for the ceremony and custom bridal boots for the reception, as it was a winter wedding. The boots were a hit, and I danced all night without any discomfort.”

Choosing Wedding Shoes


As you finalise choosing wedding shoes for your big day, remember that the perfect pair will not only add to your bridal attire but also ensure you step into your new life with comfort and style So, there you have it, ladies. The ultimate guide to choosing your wedding shoes. Remember, comfort is key. Choose shoes that reflect your style and complement your dress. And most importantly, enjoy the process. After all, how often do you get to shop for the perfect pair of wedding shoes?

As you conclude your quest for the perfect wedding shoes, remember that the right pair will not only elevate your bridal attire but also empower your stride down the aisle. It’s the joy and confidence emanating from a bride in her carefully selected shoes that truly enhances the wedding day experience and leaves a lasting impression in the wedding video. Let your chosen footwear be a reflection of your unique journey, ensuring every step towards your future is taken in style and comfort.

Whether you opt for bridal heels, wedding sandals, or even wedding trainers, make sure they’re a pair you love. Because at the end of the day, it’s your big day. And every detail should be just as you imagined it, right down to your shoes.

Happy shoe shopping, brides-to-be! And remember, if you need a wedding videographer to capture all these beautiful details, I’m just a call away.

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The information and inspiration for this article were gathered from various online sources, including wedding blogs, trend forecasts, and my own experience as a wedding videographer. Please note that trends can vary by location and culture, so it’s always a good idea to do your own research and consult with a professional wedding planner in your area.

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