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BTS in Wedding Videography

Adding Value with Behind-the-Scenes and Extras in Wedding Videography


In the nuanced craft of wedding videography, capturing the official proceedings of the big day is just the beginning. Today, enriching wedding films with BTS in Wedding Videography footage and thoughtful extras has become a hallmark of top-tier services, offering couples a deeper, more intimate glimpse into their special day. These additions not only elevate the final product but also enhance the emotional resonance of the film, making it a more cherished keepsake.

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The Appeal of Behind the Scenes Footage


Behind the scenes (BTS) content in wedding videography isn’t just about capturing additional footage; it’s about revealing the hidden layers of the wedding day. From the excitement and nerves of the morning preparations to the spontaneous moments that unfold away from the main action, BTS footage offers a candid look at the personal stories behind the formalities.

Capturing Authenticity

BTS footage excels in capturing the genuine, unscripted emotions of the day. Whether it’s the laughter shared during the bridal party’s preparations, the tears of joy from a parent, or the couple stealing a quiet moment away from their guests, these scenes add a layer of authenticity and intimacy to the wedding narrative.

Emotional Impact

The true value of BTS footage lies in its ability to deepen the emotional impact of the wedding film. By showcasing the nerves, the anticipation, and the unguarded moments, videographers can create a more comprehensive and moving story. This footage often resonates strongly with couples, as it captures the essence of their relationships and the day’s atmosphere.

Narrative Enhancement

Integrating BTS content can significantly enhance the narrative arc of a wedding film. It provides context to the day’s events and adds a dynamic contrast to the more structured moments of the ceremony and reception. This contrast enriches the storytelling, offering viewers a multifaceted view of the day.

Questions to Ponder

  • How can videographers seamlessly integrate BTS footage without disrupting the main events of the day?
  • What moments are most impactful for BTS inclusion to truly capture the essence of the wedding?

Real Examples

Consider a scenario where a videographer captured the groom and his best man sharing a joke just moments before the ceremony. This light-hearted exchange, included in the final edit, offered a delightful counterpoint to the solemnity of the vows, enhancing the overall narrative by highlighting the bond between the groom and his closest friends.


The inclusion of behind-the-scenes footage is more than just an additional service—it’s a gateway to capturing the full spectrum of emotions and events that make up a wedding day. For videographers, understanding how to capture and integrate these moments is crucial in delivering a final product that truly embodies the spirit of the occasion. As we explore further into the techniques and benefits of BTS footage, remember that each clip has the potential to add depth and enrich the story, making each wedding film uniquely memorable.

Creating Memorable Extras

In the realm of wedding videography, the magic often lies in the details. Beyond the main events of the day, offering a variety of extras can significantly enhance the overall experience for couples, turning their wedding video into a more comprehensive and cherished keepsake. This section delves into the types of additional content that can be incorporated to enrich the wedding film.

Overview of Extras

Extras in wedding videography encompass a range of content that captures the broader experience of the wedding festivities. These can include guest messages, which offer personal congratulations and anecdotes from loved ones; bloopers, that capture light-hearted, spontaneous moments often missed during the day; and rehearsal dinner footage, providing a glimpse into the intimate celebrations that set the stage for the main event.

The Value of Extras

These additions serve not only as unique keepsakes but also as a way to portray a fuller picture of the wedding event. They add layers of personality and emotion, often capturing moments that the couple may have missed during the whirlwind of their special day. Including such extras ensures that the wedding video is not just a record of an event, but a dynamic story enriched with personal touches that resonate deeply with the couple and their families.

What Couples Value

When considering what types of extras to include, it is important to align with what couples value most. This might vary depending on their personalities and the nature of their wedding. Some may cherish having a heartfelt message from a grandparent who couldn’t attend, while others might find joy in a compilation of candid moments that show their guests having a wonderful time.

Real Examples

Consider the wedding video of Emma and Alex, where the videographer included clips of friends and family leaving messages in a ‘video guestbook’. These messages were interspersed throughout the film, acting as personal narrations that added a heartfelt touch to the visual story. Another example is the inclusion of bloopers at the end of Lucy and Dan’s video, which captured hilarious, unscripted moments, making their video not just a keepsake but a source of joy and laughter for years to come.


Extras such as guest messages, bloopers, and rehearsal dinner footage significantly enhance the value of a wedding video, making it a more endearing and comprehensive document of the couple’s journey. By carefully selecting and integrating these elements, videographers can create a memorable film that not only recounts the day but also encapsulates the essence of the celebration, ensuring every moment is treasured. As videographers, understanding and catering to what couples value in these extras will not only satisfy clients but also elevate the craft of wedding videography.

BTS in Wedding Videography
BTS in Wedding Videography

Technical Considerations for Capturing Extras

Capturing behind-the-scenes (BTS) content and other extras in wedding videography requires thoughtful preparation and technical expertise to ensure the footage complements the main event without intrusion. This section explores the essential equipment and techniques needed for effectively capturing these invaluable extras.

Equipment Essentials

To capture high-quality behind the scenes footage in wedding videography, it’s crucial to equip oneself with the right tools. Using additional cameras that are compact and unobtrusive can help in capturing intimate moments without drawing attention. For instance, action cameras or small mirrorless cameras can be strategically placed to record continuous BTS footage. Additionally, having a reliable audio setup is vital, as it ensures that spontaneous speeches or conversations are captured with clarity. Lavalier microphones and portable recorders can be utilised to pick up clear audio from the couple and guests, enriching the overall BTS in wedding videography.

Filming Techniques

The approach to capturing BTS and extras should always prioritise subtlety and discretion. Employing techniques such as hand-held shooting can allow videographers to move fluidly among guests, capturing candid moments as they naturally unfold. Alternatively, setting up cameras on tripods in less conspicuous locations can also yield great behind-the-scenes footage without being noticeable. The aim is to document the atmosphere and special moments without becoming a part of the scene.

Overcoming Challenges

One of the main challenges in capturing BTS in wedding videography is managing light in varying conditions, especially during indoor and evening events. Videographers must be adept at quickly adjusting settings on their cameras to cope with these changes without missing key moments. Another challenge is ensuring that none of the main event’s important moments are overshadowed by the focus on capturing extras. This requires a well-coordinated effort and clear communication among the video team to cover all aspects efficiently.

Real Examples

A notable example involves a wedding videographer who set up small GoPros in floral arrangements during the reception. These cameras captured unique perspectives of the wedding party’s interactions and dances, adding a dynamic element to the final video without disrupting the guests. Another videographer used a drone to capture aerial behind-the-scenes footage of the wedding setup, providing a grand scale view of the venue and surroundings that was highly appreciated in the final highlight reel.


Technical prowess in handling equipment and implementing filming techniques is essential for effectively capturing behind-the-scenes content and extras in wedding videography. By understanding the challenges and creatively integrating additional footage, videographers can significantly enhance the storytelling aspect of their work, making each wedding film unique and memorable. As the industry evolves, staying updated with the latest techniques and equipment will continue to be crucial for capturing these special moments in the most effective way.

Behind The Scenes In Wedding Videography
Behind The Scenes In Wedding Videography

Marketing and Packaging BTS and Extras

Successfully marketing and packaging behind-the-scenes (BTS) content and extras is a key strategy for wedding videographers looking to differentiate their services and enhance their value to prospective clients. This section discusses effective ways to present these features in service packages to make them compelling selling points.

Overview of Marketing Strategies

Marketing BTS in wedding videography involves highlighting the unique and intimate perspective these additions provide to the overall wedding narrative. It’s crucial to communicate how BTS footage and extras capture moments that traditional wedding videos might miss, offering a fuller and richer depiction of the day. This can be demonstrated through promotional materials that showcase snippets of BTS content, illustrating its emotional and entertainment value.

Packaging BTS and Extras

When it comes to packaging BTS and extras, the key is to integrate them seamlessly into existing service offerings. Videographers can create tiered packages where basic coverage includes a standard highlight reel, with more premium packages incorporating extensive BTS footage, guest messages, and other extras. Clearly defining what each package includes helps clients understand the additional value provided at different price points.

Selling BTS as a Unique Feature

BTS and extras should be positioned as exclusive features that enhance the storytelling aspect of wedding videography. Videographers can use client testimonials and case studies in their marketing to show potential clients the added depth that BTS brings to a wedding film. For instance, showcasing a behind-the-scenes video clip where the bride and groom share a quiet moment away from the festivities can vividly demonstrate the feature’s value.

Questions to Ponder

  • How can videographers effectively communicate the value of behind-the-scenes content to couples who may not initially see its worth?
  • What marketing materials can be most effective in showcasing the unique appeal of BTS and extras?

Real Examples

One successful example involved a videographer who offered a sneak peek of behind-the-scenes content on social media platforms immediately after the wedding, which not only delighted the couple but also sparked interest among their connections. Another strategy that proved effective was including a few BTS clips in consultation sessions with prospective clients, allowing them to visualise what could be captured on their own wedding day.

Wedding Videographer
Wedding Videographer


Effectively marketing and packaging BTS in wedding videography and other extras can significantly enhance a videographer’s offering, making it more attractive to potential clients. By demonstrating the unique value and emotional depth that these features add to wedding films, videographers can increase their bookings and stand out in a competitive market. As this sector of wedding videography continues to grow, embracing innovative marketing strategies and continuously adapting offerings will be key to capturing and maintaining client interest.

Final Words

The inclusion of behind-the-scenes footage and extras in wedding videography brings undeniable benefits to both videographers and their clients. These elements enrich the storytelling, offering a comprehensive and detailed view of the wedding day that standard footage might miss. By capturing genuine, unscripted moments through BTS in wedding videography, videographers can deliver a more nuanced and emotive narrative that resonates deeply with couples and their families.

BTS in wedding videography captures fleeting moments and intimate details that might otherwise go unnoticed. From the nervous excitement before the ceremony to the joyous interactions during the reception, these snippets contribute to a richer portrayal of the day. They provide a cherished window into the personal and often unseen aspects of the celebration, adding layers of depth and meaning to the wedding film.

Videographers should see behind-the-scenes footage and extras not merely as additional options but as integral components of their service offerings. Including these features enhances the value of the wedding video, making it a more compelling and complete document of one of the most significant days in a client’s life. Moreover, presenting these extras as standard parts of packages can significantly enhance client satisfaction, as they receive a more vibrant and exhaustive recounting of their wedding.

It is crucial for videographers to continuously hone their skills in capturing and integrating BTS in wedding videography. Embracing these elements can set a videographer apart in a competitive market, offering clients something uniquely personal and emotionally impactful. As the wedding videography industry evolves, those who can effectively utilise behind-the-scenes footage and extras will find themselves at the forefront, delivering not just videos, but vivid memories that stand the test of time.


The information and inspiration for this article were gathered from various online sources, including wedding blogs, trend forecasts, and my own experience as a wedding videographer. Please note that trends can vary by location and culture, so it’s always a good idea to do your own research and consult with a professional wedding planner in your area.

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