Wedding Videographer De Vere Latimer Estate, Chesham, Buckinghamshire. Francesca & Adam

Date : 24/05/2019

Location : De Vere Latimer Estate, Buckinghamshire.

Bride : Francesca Leigh

Groom : Adam Fletcher

Photography by : Graham Nixon

Wedding Videographer Maidens Barn, Chelmsford, Essex. Phillip & Kathryn

Date : 04/05/2019

Location : Maidens Barn, Chelmsford, Essex

Bride : Kathryn Birch

Groom : Phillip Mullan

Photography by : Justin Bailey

Make Up by : Frances Gordon

Hair : Bethany Alden Hairstylist

Why did you pick Maidens Barn and what makes it special to you ?

We're both from the countryside and love barns. This particular venue has two! Plus the proximity to Stansted makes it much easier for Phil's family who are flying over from Northern Ireland, it's close to Cambridge where Kathryn's family are from and it's close to London where Kathryn & Phil live with most of their friends.

How did you meet each other ?

We used to work at the same tech company called Huddle, though we never dated while we worked there. About a year after Kathryn left, Phil asked her out on a date where got pretty drunk on cocktails and had an amazing night.

Maidens Barn Videography

Wedding Videographer Easton Grange, Woodbridge, Suffolk. Lisa & Daniel

Date : 17/04/2019

Location : Easton Grange, Woodbridge

Bride : Lisa Mack

Groom : Daniel James

Photography by : Will Fuller Photography

Make Up by : Karen's Beautiful Brides

Music : Scintillo String Quartet

Why did you pick Easton Grange Venue and what makes it special to you ?

We wanted something cosy and all in one place. It felt like walking into a place we could call home and instantly feel safe. We are not lovers of big churches and fancy ballrooms so Easton Grange just fitted everything we could imagine and more. Modern but homely.

Wedding Videographer Dodford Manor, Northampton, Northamptonshire. Kyle and Daniela

Date : 23/03/2019

Location : Dodford Manor

Bride : Daniela D'Aloia-Thompson

Groom : Kyle Taylor

When Kyle & Daniela were deciding on their Dodford Manor Wedding Videographer they knew they wanted someone to help them remember their Dodford Manor wedding, but they also wanted that Videographer to capture the way they felt.

We were honored they chose us !

Wedding Videographer Ashridge House, Berkhamstead, Hertfordshire. Kimberly and Adam.

Date : 11/11/2018

Location : Ashridge House, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire

Bride : Kimberly Turner

Groom : Adam Edwards

WHY DID YOU PICK THIS VENUE AND WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL TO YOU?: We wanted to get married in England. Kim wanted a castle but wanted it to be warm on the inside this was the perfect combination. And they allowed fireworks which was important to Kim

WHAT IS IMPORTANT IN LIFE TO YOU?: Family, Ballroom dancing, each other and our puppies

HOW ABOUT THE PROPOSAL? TELL US EVERYTHING! :-): It was Kimberly’s 29th Birthday and Disney had become a special place for us. Disney was our first vacation together and made the most sense. We got to Disney and at about 10am we went in front of the castle to “take a picture” and Adam got down on one knee

WHY DID YOU CHOOSE EACH OTHER OVER ANYONE ELSE?: It’s true when they say “when you know, you know”. We have the same dreams and goals. Being together works and fits. We drive each other crazy at times but we love each other and we make that priority.

HOW DO YOU THINK YOUR PARTNER MAKES YOU BETTER?: Kim is grounded and Adam is a dreamer so they compliment each other. Together we can make anything happen and that helps us accomplish our goals

WHAT PART OF MARRIAGE DO YOU THINK WILL BE THE MOST CHALLENGING?: Going through the tough times. Getting through days when you don’t like each other.

Kim wants to own a dance studio

HOW WOULD YOU DESCRIBE WHAT MAKES YOUR PARTNER UNIQUE OR PERHAPS SOMETHING THAT NO ONE HAS IN COMMON WITH THEM?: Adam about Kim:You are unique in the way you look and tackle challenging tasks
Kim about Adam: he is sincere in all he says and does

IF YOU COULD DESCRIBE EACH OTHER IN 5 WORDS... WHAT WOULD THOSE WORDS BE?: Adam about Kim: Loveable, passionate, sexy, amazing, caring
Kim about Adam: fun, loving, caring, lots of energy, sexy

Good storyline
We see them together

TELL US ABOUT YOUR WEDDING PLANS SO FAR. ANYTHING YOU WOULD LIKE TO MENTION, INCLUDING FEARS, WHAT EXCITES YOU, ETC...?: Everything seems to be done it’s just the little things now. Excited to have fun with family! No fears just hoping all goes as planned.

WE WOULD LOVE TO KNOW MORE ABOUT YOUR MUSIC TASTES... WHAT DO YOU LISTEN TO ON A REGULAR BASIS? ANY EXAMPLES?: We listen to a bit of everything. Adam really likes michael Buble and Kim likes Eminem lol. We both love Disney.

IN TERMS OF STYLE, LOOK AND FEEL... HOW WOULD YOU SUMMARISE YOUR EVENT?: It’s romantic and classic but modern. It’s beautiful and elegant. Feels warm and fun but classy

AND... FINALLY... WHY??? WHY ARE YOU MARRYING EACH OTHER!?! :-): We want to commit our lives to each other! Build our future together.