Wedding Videographer Woolverstone Hall, Ipswich, Suffolk. Byony and Adam.

Date : 11/08/2018

Location : Woolverstone Hall, Ipswich, Suffolk

Bride : Bryony Perera

Groom : Adam Bierton

 We were delighted when Bryony & Adam chose Mooncast Films for their wedding videographers. They were married at Woolverstone Hal in Ipswich, a venue we know pretty well and where we have done wedding videography before, stunning!

Wedding Videographer Apton Hall, Essex. Carmen and Ross.

Date : 10/08/2018

Location : Apton Hall, Essex



WHY DID YOU PICK THIS VENUE AND WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL TO YOU?: We first saw the venue around 12 months before it was completed, we walked into the venue and even toured the venue with our dog 'Dolly', even though it was a building site we could see that it was right for us. 
A year later its now finished and looks like an amazing venue. It was once a granary farm and Carmen's grand dad delivered wheat by horse and cart in the 1940's.

 HOW DID YOU MEET EACH OTHER?: We met each other through friends, went for a drink one day and the rest is history...

 HOW ABOUT THE PROPOSAL? TELL US EVERYTHING! :-): Surprise trip to Rome, sight seeing, roof top lunch in the middle of Rome, a ring and lots of prosecco!!

 WHY DID YOU CHOOSE EACH OTHER OVER ANYONE ELSE?: We've always hit it off and are always a team!! We love and live life together!

 HOW DO YOU THINK YOUR PARTNER MAKES YOU BETTER?: Carmen makes me appreciate everything in life and the importance of family.

Ross makes me calmer and fights through problems with me rather than against me.

Wedding Videographer Down Hall Hotel & Spa, Essex. Louise and Joe.

Date : 04/08/2018

Location : Down Hall Hotel & Spa, Essex


We went for lunch there before we got engaged and there was a wedding fayre on that day too.. (he knew he was going to propose to be the next month but obviously I didn't know at this point!) so we walked around and I said to him one day when we get married it needs to be here I loved it..we just knew it was the place its everything we wanted and more.. its big.. its grand and very classy. 


He is the cousin of my sister in law! and he always kept asking for her to set us up but I wasn't interested.. then one night he was drunk and liked around 30 photos of me on facebook & the rest is history!


Best night ever. He told me we was going to a work event of his.. said it was quite formal etc so I got myself all done up ready to go.. we pulled up to Greenwoods spa where I thought we was going for an event but he walked me across the grounds of the hotel to a candlelit pogoda where he played a video of him and his now ushers singing one of our favourite songs.. he then got down on one knee and popped the question I was in total shock! he then played a video of messages from our closest family and friends saying such lovely things about me and how they cant wait to have me in the family etc. After I sank a bottle of champagne in around 5 minutes he told us he had booked a table to dinner as we walked through the grounds he took me into a massive marquee and a big curtain come up and ALL of my family and friends (around 100 people!) came running towards me to congratulate me! then we had a massive party with a great DJ, Big cake and all the trimmings. I loved every minute.