Wedding Videographer Leez Priory, Chelmsford, Essex. Steph and Graham

Date : 23/06/2019

Location : Leez Priory, Chelmsford, Essex

Bride : Steph Lee

Groom : Graham Sandford

Photography : Tracey Morter Photography

Hair : Tina Crosley

Make Up : Debbie Lloyd

WHY DID YOU PICK THIS VENUE AND WHAT MAKES IT SPECIAL TO YOU?: It's just so romantic. It's visually stunning; just beautiful. The building has so much character and is surrounded by the most beautiful grounds and wildlife. It just feels intimate and special. Just what we dreamed of.

HOW ABOUT THE PROPOSAL? TELL US EVERYTHING! :-): Graham took Steph to Cannes. Dined and then headed to the harbour casino where cocktails were had in front of the band. Graham then got down on one knee and proposed. Everyone was watching! Steph said yes and everyone cheered and the band gave a 'shout-out' to us.


Graham to me is a fundamental need. Like water to the human body. Graham gives me the confidence to be who I am and he has helped me become a person that I can be proud of. That is why he is my better half.

Steph is warm and loving and when we're at our best, there's not a place I'd rather be than with Steph. When I'm with Steph, I feel that I can achieve anything. She is my rock.

Wedding Videographer Braxted Park, Witham, Essex. Faith & William

Date : 07/06/2019

Location : Braxted Park, Witham, Essex

Bride : Faith Matheson

Groom : William Guppy

Faith & William enjoyed their wedding day surrounded by family and friends in the heart of Essex at the beautifully elegant Braxted Park in Essex.

Wedding Videographer Froyle Park, Farnborough, Hampshire. Emma & Jonathan

Date : 02/06/2019

Location : Froyle Park, Hampshire.

Bride : Emma-Louise Murray

Groom : Jonathan Obika

Photography by : Emma-Jane Lewis

Flowers By : Buds Floristry

Make Up by : True Glam Beauty

Wedding Videographer De Vere Latimer Estate, Chesham, Buckinghamshire. Francesca & Adam

Date : 24/05/2019

Location : De Vere Latimer Estate, Buckinghamshire.

Bride : Francesca Leigh

Groom : Adam Fletcher

Photography by : Graham Nixon

Wedding Videographer Maidens Barn, Chelmsford, Essex. Phillip & Kathryn

Date : 04/05/2019

Location : Maidens Barn, Chelmsford, Essex

Bride : Kathryn Birch

Groom : Phillip Mullan

Photography by : Justin Bailey

Make Up by : Frances Gordon

Hair : Bethany Alden Hairstylist

Why did you pick Maidens Barn and what makes it special to you ?

We're both from the countryside and love barns. This particular venue has two! Plus the proximity to Stansted makes it much easier for Phil's family who are flying over from Northern Ireland, it's close to Cambridge where Kathryn's family are from and it's close to London where Kathryn & Phil live with most of their friends.

How did you meet each other ?

We used to work at the same tech company called Huddle, though we never dated while we worked there. About a year after Kathryn left, Phil asked her out on a date where got pretty drunk on cocktails and had an amazing night.

Maidens Barn Videography

Wedding Videographer Easton Grange, Woodbridge, Suffolk. Lisa & Daniel

Date : 17/04/2019

Location : Easton Grange, Woodbridge

Bride : Lisa Mack

Groom : Daniel James

Photography by : Will Fuller Photography

Make Up by : Karen's Beautiful Brides

Music : Scintillo String Quartet

Why did you pick Easton Grange Venue and what makes it special to you ?

We wanted something cosy and all in one place. It felt like walking into a place we could call home and instantly feel safe. We are not lovers of big churches and fancy ballrooms so Easton Grange just fitted everything we could imagine and more. Modern but homely.

Wedding Videographer Dodford Manor, Northampton, Northamptonshire. Kyle and Daniela

Date : 23/03/2019

Location : Dodford Manor

Bride : Daniela D'Aloia-Thompson

Groom : Kyle Taylor

When Kyle & Daniela were deciding on their Dodford Manor Wedding Videographer they knew they wanted someone to help them remember their Dodford Manor wedding, but they also wanted that Videographer to capture the way they felt.

We were honored they chose us !