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Aerial Photographer & Videographer Essex

As An Aerial Photographer Essex we provide high-quality aerial drone photos and videos for businesses and individuals across Essex, Surrey, Suffolk, London and other parts of the UK. Using state of the art equipment, we produce high-resolution aerial videography and photography for construction companies, weddings, estate agents, architects, hotels, property developers, marketing agencies and more.

Stunning Aerial Videography and Photography

Mooncast Films are licensed and experienced aerial drone photographers. We are certified by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and hold a full CAA licence to operate as a UK aerial videographer and photographer for commercial purposes.

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Aerial Photographer Essex


"Collaboration is what I look for in any creative endeavor and Mooncast Films brings innovative and exciting ideas to every video production we work on"

Drone Photographer Essex Drone Photographer Essex



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Building Surveying
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Agricultural Surveying
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Golf Course Promotion
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Drone Photographer Essex

Aerial Photographer Essex. Our passion, experience and high-grade equipment guarantees that whether we are delivering an intimate shoot, small budget film or big-budget movie, your finished images and film will be exceptional. As expert filmmakers, we use advanced techniques.
Aerial drone videography is an ideal way to elevate your business and update your brand.As a popular, contemporary medium, aerial drone videography is a cost-effective and sharable solution that delivers an impressive result.
Over the years, we have worked with businesses large and small from across Essex, Surrey, Suffolk and London to create stunning, high-resolution, professional marketing videos.Our experience means that we can offer a complete range of professional services including ground photography, drone imagery and more

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High Quality Drone Footage For Your Project

With top of the line equipment & talent, we turn an idea into a TRUE PRODUCTION

Professional Aerial Drone & Ground Photos and Videos

From local businesses to couples getting married, property developers, architects, farmers and construction companies we provide a reliable, efficient and bespoke service, tailored to meet the individual needs of your business and project.
Delivering a trusted, cost-effective and environmentally-conscious digital solution, our aerial images and films are premium, professional, high-resolution photos and videos that showcase properties, venues and sites from a striking perspective.


Serving businesses in Essex, Suffolk, Surrey, London and other parts of the UK, our drone photography and videography services are professional, reliable and efficient. With many years experience in the business, our services can be used to: complement your wedding photographer, observe the progress of your crops, capture your golf course, venue or construction site, update your coastal records, support your film production and more. The Best Aerial Photographer Essex.


We are the leading full-service video production and professional photography company located in Essex, creating high-quality video and photo content for corporate clients around the globe. Driven by innovation and powered by dedication, we offer a wide array of content production services.

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Ariel & Drone Photography Explained


What is aerial photography ?

Aerial and drone photography is a unique, contemporary style of photography that delivers spectacular results. Aerial photos and videos are taken from a significant height using drones, helicopters, aircrafts and other means.


What is aerial photography used for ?

Providing a dazzling birds eye view of large properties, construction sites, wedding venues, farmland, landscapes and more, aerial photography is a particularly successful type of remote sensing that continues to grow in popularity.
Aerial images and films provide a dazzling perspective of a property, venue, farmland or site that is impossible to see through any other means. Quickly supplanting helicopters and aircraft as a means of obtaining aerial images and films, drone photography and videography is a cost-effective and fast solution with outstanding results. 


What does an aerial photographer do ?

An aerial photographer can provide stunning shots for marketing, research, wedding photography, commercial filming, architectural photography, wedding films, agricultural surveys, golf courses, mast photography, drone aerial filming, image stitching, planning, coastal erosion data and more.
Some of the many UK businesses and individuals we work with include: hotels, weddings, golf courses, schools, property developers, architects, construction companies, surveyors and marketing agencies from across Surrey, Suffolk, Essex, London and other parts of the UK.
Using state of the art filming technology and production we produce spectacular panoramic drone photography and videography. The Most Creative Aerial Photographer Essex.
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Aerial Photographer Essex. As a highly experienced videographer & photographer, I have always been inspired by the golden years of Hollywood Cinematography. Becoming a filmmaker was always the dream, so it is a joy to work within my passion. After many years as a successful documentary videographer, I found myself drawn to producing amazing aerial images.